Awkward Texts from Your Mom

Isn’t it how no matter how old you get, no one can put a smile on your face quite like your mom? This has especially become true since the advent of the smart phone, a device which has often rendered newly texting moms , whether they were intending to be or not. Here we’ve collected the auto-corrects, clever responses, and mom texts that the Internet has to offer. So scroll down and remind yourself why nothing can make you, or at least your friends, crack up quite like awkward texts from your mom.These moms range from the brand new smart phone owner who is still trying to figure out the keyboard to the highly skilled mom texter who knows exactly how to use her camera, in case her kids ever need flipping off. While some of these moms are having a ball being hilarious, others are just learning the horrible truth about their lack of text abbreviation knowledge or experiencing the dangers of autocorrect first hand. From the adorable to the brilliant, the one thing all these awkward mom text messages have in common is that they’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face.So the next time your own mom gets embarrassed due to her lack of tech savvy skill, bust out this collection of classic texts from mom to assure her she’s in great company and that things could definitely be worse.

Well if You’re out Anyway…

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This Mom Who Knows How to Put Her Smart Phone Camera to Good Use

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Mom Burn = Epic Win

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