Babies Who Look Like Middle-Aged Men

Well, it appears the curious case of Benjamin Button wasn’t quite so curious after all, because the world has no shortage of babies who look like old men. While some children grow up looking like muppets, many babies look like the men who are expecting them in the delivery room. Instead of sipping on bottles and sucking their thumbs, these old babies came out the womb already collecting receipts and playing bingo. They might leave their blinker on too long, but remember that the wisest  probably also look like they’ve seen the stock market crash more than once. Below you’ll learn that when a baby looks like an old man, age becomes a useless concept. Though parents say they grow up too fast, the here skipped the growing altogether to get right to the prune juice part of life.

The Day My Son Came Back From The Nursing Home


‘In My Day, Phones Could Only Call People.’

My Son, Not A Day Over 80

‘They’re Out Of Prune Juice?!’

Baby DeVito, Love Your Work!

This Baby Arrived With A Mortgage In-Hand

Gordon Ramsay Reincarnated

This Guy Started His Own Business After Leaving The Womb

Super Early Retirement

Grin And Bear It

Wise Beyond His Years

He Loves Jeopardy!

In His Tie

That Hairline

When You Lose At Bingo

Ready To Lead England Through WWII

Is This Andy Richter?

They Grow Up So Fast…

Ready To Retire

He Runs The Playpen

‘You Talking To Me?’

Baby Pattern Baldness

Eugene Would Be Happy To Show You His Stamp Collection

My Grandson Looks Older Than I Do

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