The Best Anime Memes on the Internet

Is there anything better than a good anime meme? A billion dollar that has invaded almost every country in the world, anime has been made even more popular through culture and . Here are some of the best anime on the , including from popular series of many different genres. Some of these focus on certain shows, while others are just anime memes that shed light on anime as a whole. Sure there are plenty of anime haters, but who bash it have probably never watched a single episode in their entire lives! Anyway, keep your manga in hand, brush off and slip on your otaku hat and ikimashou! Vote for the memes that made you laugh the hardest, and downvote any you feel are stupid or unfunny.

It’s not even an option

The food always looks so damn good

Glowing Foes

Because if they’re glowing, they’ve probably gone nuclear.

Gender Bender

Really so confusing at times. Deliberately, I’m sure. 

Too Many Perverts

A staple of Japanese anime societies, perhaps. 


Well, even American are like this. Scooby Doo must be the world’s oldest now. 


It’s an , not a science.

Violence in Anime

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

Copyright Dodge

Wait a minute… isn’t that a pineapple?

Anime for Children Only?

Yep, one of the great myths unique to this age and time.

The Hair

Every day is a bad hair day in the anime world.

Being an Otaku

Yep, more mythbusting by the guy who often dies. 


Well, it does make for some female characters.

This is Ash

A test if you know your stuff.

vs anime

Well, anime is based on life inspirations after all. 


Anime can’t be anime without it.

Anime Errors

He can see you, with the help of an animator’s technique.

Precocious Characters

I suppose even 5-year-olds get this sexy, sometimes.

The Cake is a Lie

Oops, I said it. Wait, that’s Sadako…


Anime is full of ’em.


Cannot unsee

The Corrupting Influence

No, not of anime. But of what she’s watching. At least anime is socially relevant.

Yamcha could beat…

The never-ending question of who’s better. 

This Fish

Uh, OK…. just how the hell are you going to do that?

anime character

Ever heard of the guy who married an anime character?


This thing’s too popular for its own good.

Barack Obama

Yes, he’s in anime, too
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