The Best Dating Tips for Women

What are the best for women? This list ranks the best advice for women, whether you’re looking for casual fun or trying to find that perfect person. Dating can be confusing without a little advice. How do you approach someone without seeming desperate? Read on to find out the best dating advice and dating tips, just for women.
How do you tell if someone’s into you? There are a lot of questions when you start dating someone new, but the best approach is to relax. One of the biggest pitfalls of dating is being quick to make assumptions. Assuming that you’re exclusive can lead to hurt feelings. On the other hand, assuming that they’re not interested is also a quick way to dissolve a relationship before it begins. The key that most women should follow is to trust their own intuition.
What do people really want? They want someone who’s confident and positive, so be sure to check yourself before you send out that text after the bars close. Don’t be needy. Instead, be grateful when your date goes out of their way to show you how much they care.

Be Yourself
Even if you think your interests are dorky or weird, they’re a part of who you are and should be shared. Never try to hide who you really are for anyone.
Trust Your Gut
Women usually have great intuition, and when it comes to dating, you’ll feel it before you truly know it. If there’s a red flag, don’t try to ignore it.
Show Your Appreciation
Whenever your special someone does something nice, show that you’re grateful. It’s a nice gesture that goes a long way.
Stop Ex Talk
If you’ve just gotten out of a relationship and are starting to date again, it’s tempting to only talk about the past and especially an old lover. Instead, try to focus the conversation on learning about your date.
Don’t Make Assumptions
The worst mistake you can make is to assume that you’re exclusive. If you have lingering questions, it’s better to clear the air than assume.
Learn from the Past
Don’t let your past weigh you down and create a dark cloud that follows you. Learn from your mistakes and move on.
Don’t Play Games
Playing silly mind games is confusing and exhausting. It can be the ultimate way to ruin a relationship before it even starts.
Don’t Settle
You’ve met someone nice but the flame or passion isn’t there. Don’t settle for anything less than the best, and always remember that there are more fish in the sea. If you’re not going to be completely happy with this person, it won’t be worth it for either of you.
Don’t Be Needy
Sure, it’s nice to have someone handy around to help around the apartment or wash your car, but be careful that you’re not sending out the wrong signals. Show your special someone you’re an independent person.
Dress Appropriately
Most dates just want women to be comfortable. If your dress is too short or too tight, you’ll spend the entire time fidgeting, which gives off a bad impression. If you’re uncomfortable, your date probably is too.
Avoid Gossiping
Remember that a woman never kisses and tells. Keep this in mind if you want to share with your friends about your date or their silly little habits.
Don’t Get Hung Up
You had an amazing first date but now it’s complete silence on your end. Try not to get too hung up if your date wants to take it slow or if it didn’t work out.
Think Before You Text
If your date says they’ll call you, give them the benefit of the doubt. Blowing up their phone is a surefire way to chase them away.
Go Out of Your Comfort Zone
Dinner dates can get boring, but they’re safe. If your date wants to try something different, try to be open-minded and tackle any adventure like a pro.
If you feel the need to be in control at all times, try to remember to go with the flow. If you’re on the edge all the time, you may come off as being too uptight.
Express Yourself
Sometimes a little mystery works, but never pass up an opportunity to laugh and show passion. It’ll make you seem more real and allows for real human connection.
This might seem simple, but everyone loves it when they see a woman smile. Do it often, and be sincere.
Be True to Yourself
Remember to always be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you need or what you’re looking for. Don’t get swayed by someone else’s opinion.
Take Chances
Starting a new relationship can be difficult, especially after a failed one. It’s hard to let someone love you again especially if you’ve been hurt before, but you have to take a chance and move on.
Split the Bill
It’s too often assumed that girls won’t foot the bill, but even offering to split it is a nice gesture, even if your date insists on paying.