The Very Best of the Disappointing Childhood Friend Meme

The Disappointing Childhood Friend meme brings back alot of painful memories in most people. Did you ever have a friend who would always want you to come over to play or sleep over and whose home life was not what you expected it to be? That’s how this meme plays out. From his parents weird taste in soft drinks and chores to his selfishness with his toys, we all had one of these kids in our life.

On TV Times

On Scary Movies

On Coming Over

On Sodas

On Bed Times

On Secret Reading

On Being Selfish

On BBQ Food

On Multiplayer

On Bathtime

On Sleeping In

On PC Gaming

On Pool Parties

On Homework

On the Waxier Ones

On Snacks

On Game Choices

On Halo

On Playing LEGOs

On Movie Ratings

On Nighttime Drinking

On Beverages

On Summer Camp

On Playtime

On Riding Bikes