The 20 Best Drunk Ideas Ever Had by Fancy Ladies

 You’ll see women attempt to leap over large puddles in a single bound, preform death defying stunts on tiny bikes, and have some unfortunate baking accidents. So get someone to hold your own Cosmo and join in on the fun!   
We would, however, like to advise you not to attempt any of the following actions at home, for reasons which will soon become abundantly clear. Though drunk-you may someday think that you could absolutely preform each and every action on this list with tact and poise, we guarantee you cannot. That said, come on in and get your crazy on by living vicariously through the actions of these hysterical gals as they nudge you and wink, “Hey girl! Hold my Cosmo!” 

Girl, HMC While I Dirt Bike Straight At This Blind Hill.

Hey Girl, HMC While I Get My Stripper On.

Hey Girl, HMC While I Effortlessly Leap This Puddle.

Hey Girl HMC While I Test Out These New Shoes!

Hey Babe, HMC While I Leap This Couch in a Single Bound.

Hey Girl, HMC While I Show These Chumps the New Dive I Invented.

Hey Girl, HMC While I Do the Ice Bucket Challenge!

HMC for Jus’ One Second While I Surf!

Babe! Hey Babe! HMC While Me and My Girl Slide Down This Rail!

HMC Girl, I’ma Just Do This Flawless Swan Dive.

Hey Girl, HMC While I Show These Game Show Bitches How It’s Done.

Hey Girl, HMC While I Duck, Duck Goose.

Hey Bitch, HMC While I Break It Down.

Hey, Girl, Hey! HMC While I Leap This Pit of Flaming Embers!

Hey Girl! HMC While I Leap!

Hey Girl, HMC While I Demonstrate My Majestic Water Arts.

Hey Girl, HMC While I Arm Wrestle.

Here HMC, I’ma Just Exit This Boat.

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