The Best New Years Jokes

New years eve is a time honored tradition of going out with your friends and remembering the best parts of the year and resolving to be better at the stuff you weren’t so good at. Also there’s a lot of drinking involved. At least that’s what most of these new years are about. There’s a lot of new years humor out in the world, what with it being the most celebrated holiday ever, and it was tough to put together a list of the funniest new years but, believe it or not, here it is. Now read through these new years puns before you’re late for next year!
If you’re looking for funny new years jokes to tell at a party this year, then you’re in the right place. This list is chock full of enough new years eve puns to keep you laughing into the new year! If you’re tired of being the only person at the party without a few funny new years eve jokes hidden up your sleeve, you’ll want to keep this list on hand all evening in case the perfect moment presents itself right before the countdown. Whether you’re hosting a new years eve party or going out on the town, this list of hilarious jokes about new years eve is bound to make you laugh off your goofy new years glasses. Vote on your favorite jokes about new years eve!