The Best Star Wars Jokes

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a list of jokes for Star Wars fans and it was your job to vote on which of those jokes was the funniest. Whether you’re a fan of rebel alliance puns or yo mama jokes about Emperor Palpatine, we’ve got you covered, kid. Don’t worry, this list of jokes about Star Wars isn’t a trap, we wouldn’t do that to you. Unless trap means a collection of sentences meant to make you laugh until you can’t see straight. If so, then yes this list of cute Star Wars jokes is a trap.As our main man Yoda would say, “do or do not read this list, there is no try.” Except we REALLY want you to read this list of the funniest Star Wars jokes. We know the jokes on this list are going to make the death star in your heart turn into a celebration in Ewok village, including the weird song and dance routine. Whether you’re an old school Star Wars fan that’s still mad about what George Lucas did to your childhood, or you’re new to the Star Wars game and every second of the hexology (even Jar Jar), there’s a joke for you on this list of the funniest jokes about Star Wars.

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