The Best Star Wars Jokes

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a list of for fans and it was your job to vote on which of those jokes was the funniest. Whether you’re a fan of rebel alliance puns or yo mama jokes about Emperor Palpatine, we’ve got you covered, kid. Don’t worry, this list of jokes about Star Wars isn’t a trap, we wouldn’t do that to you. Unless trap means a collection of sentences meant to make you laugh until you can’t see straight. If so, then yes this list of cute Star Wars jokes is a trap.As our main man Yoda would say, “do or do not read this list, there is no try.” Except we REALLY want you to read this list of the funniest Star Wars jokes. We know the jokes on this list are going to make the death star in your heart turn into a celebration in Ewok village, including the weird song and dance routine. Whether you’re an old school Star Wars fan that’s still mad about what George Lucas did to your childhood, or you’re new to the Star Wars game and love every second of the hexology (even Jar Jar), there’s a joke for you on this list of the funniest jokes about Star Wars.

What Did Obi Wan Tell Luke When He Had Trouble Eating Chinese Food?

Use the forks Luke.

What Do Jedi Use To View PDF Files?

Adobe Wan Kenobi

How Is Duct Tape Like The Force?

It has a Dark Side, a Light side and it binds the galaxy together. 

What Did Chewbacca Call His Website That Gave Away Empire Secrets?


We Don’t Want To Sound Racist,

But all stormtroopers look the same to us. 

What Do You Call A Bounty Hunter From The South?

Bubba Fett 

What Do You Call Chewbacca When He Gets Chocolate Stuck In His Fur?

Chocolate Chip Wookiee. 

He had a green thumb!

Why Shouldn’t You Ask Yoda For Money?

Because he’s always a little short.

What Do You Call A Potato That’s Turned To The Dark Side?

Vader Tots. 

Why Did The Angry Jedi Cross The Road?

To get to the dark side. 

What Do You Call At Pirate Droid?


Where Does Princess Leia Go Shopping For Clothes?

At the Darth Maul!

What Do Gungans Put Things In?

Jar Jars

Why Do Doctors Make The Best Jedi?

Because a Jedi must have patience.

What Side Of An Ewok Has The Most Hair?

The outside.

What Is Jabba The Hutt’s Middle Name?


What’s The Difference Between An ATAT & A Stormtrooper?

One’s an Imperial walker and the other is a walking Imperial. 

What Do You Get If You Mix Fruit With A Bounty Hunter?

Mango Fett!

Which Star Wars Character Works At A Restaurant?

Darth Waiter

What Do You Call A Jedi In Denial?

Obi-Wan Cannot Be 

Why Should You Never Tell Jokes On The Falcon?

The ship might crack up. 

What’s A Jedi’s Favorite Toy?

A yo-yoda.

What Time Is It When An AT-AT Steps On Your Chronometer?

Time to get a new chronometer.

What Star Wars Character Uses Meat As A Weapon?

Obi Wan Baloney