The Best Tattoos Inspired by ’90s Pop Culture

Not all of the ‘90s on this list are perfect. But among the moderately good and totally okay tats are absolute epic wins. If you’re ready for a beanie baby-filled blast from the past, get ready to have your mind blown by these ‘90s-inspired (and revisit some of your old childhood pals like the Fresh Prince and Mario Brothers).

Remember as you’re wading through the mixed tape madness below that you’re more than welcome to add your own favorite ‘90s tattoos to the list. So zip up your windbreaker, pull on your neon shades, rewind that VHS rental, and check out the best (and worst) tats the ‘90s had to offer.

The Only Acceptable Toy Story Tat

Simba Chic

Daria Would Be Proud

But I Thought the Old Lady Dropped It into the Ocean at the End?

The Truth May’ve Been Best Left “Out There”

Party on, Garth

Every ’90s Girl’s Favorite Bad Influence

Once Upon a Time, a Young Girl Got Very Tanked and Met a Charming Artist…

Fresh Prince of This Guy’s Leg

Notorius T.A.T.

A Rainbow Bright Idea After 8 Beers (Get It?)

Blossom Would Be So Jealy

Too Epic for Mere Mortals

Pete and Pete’s Long Lost Sister?

Rad/Sad, Tomato/Tom-ahto

Betcha Can’t Guess What’s on This Guy’s Mix Tape

Oh Yeah, Those

Shortcake Stlye

This Girl’s Got

Spice + = ’90s Perfection

‘Cause Nothing Says ‘Stong, Independent Woman’ Like Bubble Letters and Hearts

A Lisa Frank Dream

Boy Meets Mistake. Horrible, Permanent Mistake.

*Cricket Chirp Cricket Chirp*

Bcause the Boxes of Them in Her Attic Just Weren’t Enough

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