The Best Walking Dead Memes on the Internet

Carl? Caaarrrrlll! These are the best on the internet, making fun of AMC’s popular series that has taken the world by storm. Fans of the show have taken to the internet to voice their opinions of the show’s lighter side, making hilarious jokes and about the Walking Dead that are guaranteed to make you laugh if you’re a fan of the show. People use memes to vent their frustrations about characters they don’t like, how fast certain ones die in the show, logic that doesn’t make that much sense, and much more. These Walking Dead memes encompass plot points from every season of the show, from the beginning times at the barn to the harrowing prison episodes. No character is sparred, with both heroes like Carl and Daryl being made fun of, along with villains like The Governor and Shane. Vote for your favorite memes below that made you laugh, and downvote any that you didn’t really like.  

The wilder warriors are better survivors!

Yep, stereotypes are a bummer

Zombies make your hair grow slower

He must be a cyborg now!

Yep, there’s a time limit for these things

Grumpy Cat’s Revenge

You’re Inshane, shays Sean Connery

Yes, he does stuff. That’s Grime-y.

In time for Christmas!

Check out that undead chick

Characters must grow after all

As said before, don’t be inShane

Yep, roles are preset for zombie hunters

Put your game face on

Unless you’d like female escorts with you

As was said, this is like

True zombie hunters… are not friendzoned!

Uh… you’re doing it wrong

Overly attached walker

Don’t we all see dead people once in a while

Death by Toonification!

At least this is less gross

Another kind of walking dead

New level of ‘amazed’

Oh, he became a zombie

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