Brilliant Life Hacks That No Longer Do Any Hacking

It’s always incredibly exhilarating to score a great deal. However, it’s even more satisfying to a life hack that repeatedly earns you free stuff. If you see the opportunity to scam a major company, what’s stopping you from cashing in on corporate weakness?

Aside from damaging your moral compass, the only bad thing about that get you deals is that they are almost always time sensitive. used to be able to get tons of free craft samples from Amazon, but then the shipping conglomerate realized that shoppers were using carpet samples for cat construction projects, and promptly closed the loophole.

Even after they expire, life can still be useful, as they can inspire new ideas that let you score great deals. The clever contributors on Reddit have pooled their knowledge of bygone life , and you won’t believe how much free stuff they’ve accumulated.

Get Free Microsoft Word For Five Years

From Redditor /u/Keatonbehm:

“I used to set the time forward five years and start a free 30-day trial for Adobe and MS Office programs, then set it back and have a free 5-year-30-day trial, but it’s all synched online now.”

Buy The Office Dinner, Expense The Meal, Then Fly For Free

From Redditor /u/-eDgAR-:

“At my last office job there was this girl who always stayed pretty late. She would go around the office asking who was staying late and if they wanted to order dinner. She would place the order on her credit card and then later expense the company for the dinners. She racked up a lot if airline miles doing this.”

File For Bankruptcy To Get Rid Of Student Debt

From Redditor /u/watchthehustle:

“Long ago in the US, filling for bankruptcy cleared student loan debt. This was since outlawed.”

Get Crafty And Turn A Free Brownie Into A Free Party Platter

From Redditor /u/BangkokMillionaire:

“A certain bbq chain had a birthday club that would send you a free item via email. The email was a word document that was easily changeable. So instead of winning a brownie, you could change it to a huge party platter, as long as you had the correct code. ‘I just stopped in to claim this birthday thing. Oh I won a party platter? Great, I’m going to a party.'”

Turn Coins From The US Mint Into Airline Miles

From Redditor /u/ThisJawnThatJawn:

“A person could just order a bunch of $1 coins from the US mint and you would just pay the face value (no shipping & handling) since they wanted to get more on the market. Well one guy would buy thousands and thousands of dollars on his credit card, and just pay his credit card bill with the dollar coins to rack in millions of airline miles. Pretty smart if you ask me.”

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Let Misspelled Words Work In Your Favor Online

From Redditors /u/michaelnpdx & /u/sFAMINE

“I remember in the early days of eBay you could search for misspellings of items you were interested in and most of the time you could get it for cheap. Once everyone caught on to this it was over, and now eBay has vastly improved search functionality…”

“A friend of mine bought a few for Warhammer 40,000 on eBay for a dollar because the seller misspelled the name of it. The item should have gone for $80+ and he managed to grab it for $0.99. The seller obliged and probably raged a bit. This is when you had to manually input tags for everything.”

Enlarge Your Punctuation So You Don’t Have To Write As Much For School Papers

From Redditors /u/AverageCollegeMale & /u/Iwishiwasonfire:

“Enlarging the period font size in your papers for college. And maybe high school…”

“Now everything is ‘Times New Roman, 12 point with double spaces and 1″ margins.’ They’re cracking DOWN on that.”

Get Free Carpet For Your Cat

From Redditor /u/plantslut:

“Ordering free carpet samples on Amazon for cat related crafts.”

A Frat House’s Beer Consumption Can Pay For A Trip Around The World

From Redditor /u/Koboldsftw:

“I’m in a fraternity so we buy a lot of beer, and it’s always bought with a brother’s card who’s then compensated by the house. I swear after a term of this you can fly around the world.”

Adjust Your Console’s Clock To Unlock Faster

From Redditor /u/magicmann2614:

“In some games that involved waiting some amount of time, you used to be able to change the clock in your device into the future and unlock the item/whatever it is you were waiting for and then revert your time and still maintain the item. Unfortunately, now you have to wait.”

Send Letters For Free

From Redditor /u/trombonemagnificent:

“Also in that book there’s how to get mail sent by putting the return address as where you want to send it without paying postage. But they got smart about it, as is the point of the thread.”

Get Free Pizza Every Time You Order

From Redditor /u/PeeeCoffee:

“Our local pizza chain used to sell fundraiser stickers that let you do a buy one get one free deal.

Everyone had one, but my dad soon found out that most of the restaurants never even asked for the sticker when you went to pick up your order. So he would always say to keep the sticker in your pocket unless they asked for it. Furthermore, if they did ask for the sticker, they never checked expiration date on them. We got so much free pizza that way.

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They have now switched to a loyalty card method that is required for checkout and expiration dates are stored in the computer.”

Threaten To Cancel Your WiFi For A Lower Rate

From Redditor /u/Tiny-Unicorn:

“Getting your bill lowered by calling Comcast and threatening to cancel.

I actually had to cancel. Then they didn’t turn off my service, so I had to unplug everything and bring it into a store.

Then I went (crawling) back the next day because they had the lowest prices and fastest speeds.

BUT I did get the ‘new customer’ rate. It was worth it.”

Get A New Ticket So You Don’t Have To Pay For Parking

From Redditor /u/Edymnion:

“Used to be in the older days when you went into a pay parking garage, you got a ticket for your car. When you would leave, you put the ticket in the machine and it calculates how much you owe.

They still do that.

Thing is, in ye olden days, you could simply walk by the gate, get a new ticket, and then walk to your car and drive out using the new ticket and the system thought you were only in there for like 30 seconds.

These days they put weight sensors under the ticket area so they won’t dispense a ticket unless there is actually a car sitting on top of it.”

Get Free Items And Money Back From Faulty Vending Machines

From Redditor /u/spcordy:

“The vending machine in my apartment accepted dollar coins but would return it right back. So all I needed was a single coin and run it through the slot twice to get something and would also get the change back from my ‘two dollars.’ Did this a few times a month to check it was still working/broken. I ended up just leaving the change behind for someone else to use.

The machine, unsurprisingly, has been turned off and is no longer serviced.”

Use The Back Door For Free Gym Membership

From Redditor /u/omfgcows:

“There was a gym by my university that was expensive but since it was in Nicaragua was about the best one available at the time. I paid for the membership once then realized they never checked your membership through the back door. Since the trainers all knew me by then I stopped paying for the membership and just walked in through the back door and acted like I belonged. I did this for like two years before the place rebranded and changed ownership and added a check in kiosk through the back door because I had shared my secret with a few too many , but by then I had finished my career.”

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Get Free From McDonald’s Surveys

From Redditor /u/fahque650:

“Oh man, the McD’s ‘Free BigMac or Quarter Pounder for taking our survey’ was the best; especially because the $0.00 promo receipt would give you the ability to fill out the survey again. Now it’s ‘Buy One Get One.'”

Score Deals On Used Professional Clothes

From Redditor /u/caverunner17:

“Back in college, we used to be able to go to a few local thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc) and find great deals. Allen Edmond shoes for $9.99, gently worn shirts and pants for $3-5 each. Used to go probably two times a month and built up a pretty decent wardrobe for my internship/first job. Sometimes, we’d even find things with tags on them still.

Now, after thrifting got popular, prices went up. shoes are now around $15-20 and shirts/pants are often $10-12 for questionable quality and often very dated styles. If you use coupons, you can often get better prices at Kohls and other department stores than at thrift stores now.”

Get Free Rides From Lyft By Creating Fake Phone Numbers

From Redditor /u/dmendo54:

“When Lyft was starting in my area they did this promotion where when you signed up you received 50 free rides. Well during this time I discovered the Phone app where you could create a new phone number linked to a Gmail account. I ended up having like 200 free rides! I took them to work, to my girlfriends house, grocery store you name it. My car wasn’t touched for a month because I didn’t need it. After those 3-4 weeks Lyft caught on and banned me and my credit cards from the app. I can’t even hail a Lyft ride when I give someone else my card to put into their account.”

Threaten To Cancel Cable For Free HBO

From Redditor /u/Franks_Fluids:

“I had free HBO for a decade from Comcast. Used to call them and say I was going to cancel service unless they give me HBO free for six months. I did that for so long that the last time I called, the guy read a note that was added to my account saying I’ve been getting HBO for free since 2009 and that I should be transferred to the canceling service folks if I ask for it again.

Now I just watch HBO shows on 123 .”