The Cast of Full House: Where Are They Now?

Dying to know what Stephanie Tanner looks like now? Check out these photos of the Full House cast, from the early 90s and today! If you were a 90s kid, you surely watched at least a few episodes of Full House growing up. The iconic 8-season show was full of cheesy life lessons, silly antics, and nostalgia-in-the-making. The show was an instant classic with cute, little Michelle’s iconic one-liners and hunky Uncle Jesse’s flowing hair. But what happened to the stars of the show once the series ended in 1995?

Sure, some of the stars remained in the limelight, but others took a break from acting, went to school, or launched completely new career paths. We’re going to take you through the cast of Full House so you can see what your favorite San Francisco family is up to these days. Think you know what happened to Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Joey, the Tanner girls, Aunt Becky, Alex and Nicky? Click through to see photos and find out!