The Cast of Kids: Where Are They Now?

Besides teaching the youth of America outside of New York how to roll a perfect blunt (Hamilton Harris had it down), Kids was also a tale about HIV, skating as a release, and the random harshness of young life. The film launched a few careers from writer Harmony Korine to actors Rosario Dawson and Chloë Sevigny.

Director Clark and writer Korine were inspired by skate culture and particularly the kids from places like Sunset Park, 125th Street, Elmhurst Avenue, the Lower East Side, South Bronx, and Washington Square Park. These were real kids doing what real kids did. The film made audiences squirm. It upset kids in the neighborhoods where the film was set who didn’t like the way their friends or their turf was portrayed. Although it pissed a lot of people off, most agree that it did what it set out to do – tell the true, unfiltered story of the NYC skating subculture.

There’s a sadness to any Kids “cast where are they now?” conversations because some of the cast members are no longer with us. Justin Pierce, Harold Hunter, and Sajan Bhagat all died way too young. But the film will forever capture their youth in a pre-Giuliani and sanitized Manhattan. Let’s look at the Kids movie cast today and find out where they landed after all this time.

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