The Cast of Saved by the Bell: Where Are They Now?

Have you ever been sitting around, just daydreaming, thinking, “I wonder what’s up with theĀ Saved by the BellĀ cast now?” Sure you have! Those crazy ’90s kids were your pals back in the day, so why not catch up with them and see what Zack, Kelly, Lisa, and the rest of Bayside High School are doing now? This classic NBC series (a retooling of Disney’sĀ Good Morning, Miss Bliss) was one of the best television shows of all time and featured many memorable characters. So where are the Save by the Bell actors and actresses now?

What’s Screech like today? How aboutĀ Zack Morris, A.C. Slater, and even some of the teachers and guest stars like Ox, Max, Ginger, Ms. Wentworth, and Ms. Morris? If you’re like Mr. Belding, wondering “Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?” when it comes to the actors who played Violet Bickerstaff, Stacey Carosi, and Tori Scott, have we got an update for you!

Find out which members of theĀ Saved by the BellĀ cast wrote books (there’s quite a few), which ones starred on reality TV series (again, quite a few) and sadly, which actors are no longer with us.

All thisĀ Saved by the BellĀ cast trivia is below,Ā waiting for you to crack it open like a social studies text book. So put down your Zack Morris phone and catch up with all your favorite characters from Bayside High.