The 20 Best Celebrity Christmas Cards of All Time

  Christmas cards always start out with the best of intentions, but they often end up being collateral Christmas damage…

8 months ago

The Most Cringeworthy Christmas Puns

  There's nothing merrier than a good Christmas pun! Do you sometimes find yourself desperately attempting to repress your laughter…

8 months ago

17 Hilariously Clever Ways Lazy Christmas Decorators Decked Out Their House

As much as everyone wants them to be relaxing and cozy, the holidays require a lot more work than just…

8 months ago

Expectation Vs. Reality: Christmas Edition

We've all had our fair share of holiday fails. You see, sometimes, things don't always end up going exactly like…

8 months ago

26 Christmas Pinterest Fails That Almost Ruined the Holidays

Pinterest makes holiday cooking and home crafting seem so damn easy, but you all know the sad,┬ábrutal truth┬álurking beneath that…

8 months ago

How to Celebrate Christmas Like a Medieval King

Christmas in the Middle Ages didn't just last a day, sometimes it lasted for weeks. From early December to January…

8 months ago

Santa Jokes

After spending years on the naughty list this is an attempt to finally hit back at that ancient snowy overlord…

8 months ago

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