18 Unique Same-Sex Weddings That’ll Melt Your Heart

Are you looking for gay wedding ideas? In case you were out of the country on June 26, 2015, you…

4 days ago

Athletes Who Are Gay

Thanks to these prominent athletes who are gay, the sports world is becoming more and more accepting of homosexual players.…

7 days ago

19 Famous Gay Rappers

Several famous rappers and hip-hop stars are members of the LGBT community. Many of these rappers are gay, but some…

2 weeks ago

26 Famous Gay People Who Fight for Human Rights

Several gay celebrities fight for causes that benefit human rights all over the world. Some famous gay people support causes…

2 weeks ago

The13 Funniest LGBT Pregnancy Announcements on the Internet

Are you and your partner on the quest for the perfect same-sex couple pregnancy announcements? Families come in all shapes…

3 weeks ago

Sets Of Famous Twins Who Are Both Gay

Scientists are divided on the issue of homosexuality in twins. Some scientists believe that there's a genetic code that determines…

4 weeks ago

LGBTQ Celebrities Who Have Been Homophobic

Homophobic celebrities who are gay is an oxymoron you probably didn’t think was possible. But self-loathing and inflated egos can…

2 months ago

Famous Models Who Identify as Bisexual

Beauty – especially in regards to high fashion – often falls outside the realm of convention. So perhaps it’s not…

3 months ago

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