The Best Rihanna Albums of All Time

One of the preeminent voices on radio and the tabloids, Rihanna is one of the greatest pop stars of all…

1 year ago

Famous Musicians Who Committed Suicide

Rock stars don’t always have fantasy lives. Tragically, many notable musicians have died by suicide. Some may have killed themselves as a…

1 year ago

The 13 Best New Christmas Songs Of 2018

Every winter the familiar sounds of traditional Christmas carols and holiday songs begins to fill the air. There are a…

2 years ago

Behind The Scenes Of Nirvana’s Timeless ‘MTV Unplugged’

Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged in New York was never meant to be a big deal. It was a lark, an afterthought, something recorded in roughly an…

2 years ago

The Greatest White Rappers of All Time

Though it took a while for the music to catch on with them, some of the best rappers in hip hop…

2 years ago

The Best Hip Hop Albums

What are the best hip hop albums of all time? The answer, of course, is totally subjective. Everyone has differing…

2 years ago

Singers Who Hate Their Biggest Songs

It's hard to believe that there are so many singers who hate their songs. Especially because so often, these songs…

2 years ago

10 Fun Pop Songs with Surprisingly Dark Secret Meanings

Pop music is meant to make us feel good; the Top 40 industry thrives on the happy vibes that propel its…

2 years ago

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