Cats Who Are Nailing Donald Trump’s Hairstyle

Business In the Front, Party On the Top

“Trump 2016: Because Even I’m Slightly Less Annoying Than That Jerk Santorum”

The Only Thing Bigger Than This Trump Cat’s Hair Is His Bank Account

“You Call That a Birth Certificate?”

“The Middle Class? Is That Like, a Jr. High Course?”

“We Shall Overcomb.”

This Trump Cat Thinks It’s Cute That a Woman Is Running for President

This Trump Cat Hates That the American Government Treats Illegal Immigrants Better Than Veterans

The Secret to America’s Greatness Is Hidden in This Trump Cat’s Hair

This Trump Cat Is Just Like the Founding Fathers – Fake Hair and All

This Trump Cat Has Found His New Celebrity Apprentice

This Trump Cat Is a Reality TV Star

This Trump Cat Absolutely Respects Latino People. He Tips Them Every Time.

“Mexico Is So Fired As Soon As I Get to the Oval Office.”

The Taller the Hair, the Closer to God


This Trump Cat Is Too Tired to Say Something Outlandish. You Should Check Back in With Him After His Nap.

This Trump Cat’s Hair Is Better Than Any of the Miss Universe Candidates’

This Trump Cat Is Grumpy Because the Starbucks in Trump Tower Is Closed

Money Can’t Buy Happiness. Or a Hair Transplant, Apparently.

Some Presidents Had Top Hats. He Has a Toupee.

This Trump Cat Will Kick El Chapo’s Ass

This Trump Cat LOVES . He’s Had One Living Atop His Head for the Last Decade

This Trump Cat Is Looking Forward to His Maiden Flight on Hair Force One

He Just Shredded His Macy’s Credit Cart, and It Felt Like a Weight Lifted Off His Shoulders

This Trump Cat Is Pro-Traditional Marriage. He’s Had 3 Himself.

Penn Jillette Should Be Grateful That A “Goofball Atheist” Like Him Was Ever Allowed to Appear on The Apprentice

This Trump Cat Just Wants to See Obama’s Birth Certificate ONCE

The Haters Laugh Now, but When This Trump Cat Wins the 2016 Election, There Will Be Hell Toupee

This Trump Cat Wants Jon Stewart Dead

This Trump Cat Takes Hair to New Heights. Literally.

Grumpy Cat’s Long Lost Twin: Trumpy Cat

This Trump Cat Can Afford to Repair the American Dream, Unlike Other Candidates

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