Celebrities Who Were Jerks Even Before They Were Famous

As a rule of thumb, most celebrities who are rude try to keep their less than savory behavior under wraps in case the fan they’re being rude to blabs to the press. But before super rude celebs were famous, they weren’t worried about gossip rags or being exposed by bloggers, so they let their rude flag fly. A lot of celebrities have a PR person who knows how to spin their client’s bad behavior, but some celebs are just jerks down to the bone, and this list is going to expose the who’s who amongst the jerks. Take off your rose-colored glasses and prepare to take a trip down memory lane to find out which celebrities were assholes even before they were famous.

A Reddit user from Stratford, Ontario (the Biebz’s old stomping grounds), remembers the “Say What You Mean” crooner as an annoying classmate who once poured coffee on a teacher and then flipped her off, which merited a suspension. Too bad that’s on his permanent record.
Wowee, that’s all we can say about this story of Demi Lovato bullying some poor kid before she was a Disney star. It’s hard to get the entire story from this post, but it seems like a pre-fame Lovato was cruel in the same way that a lot of young children can be cruel. It’s unfortunate that it affected the OP so deeply.
Robert Downey Jr. has one of those faces where you know he’s a complete dick, but that’s kind of why you like him. But according to one Redditor whose aunt allegedly attended high school with Iron Man, the actor was rude to everyone (including teachers) because he knew he’d be successful one way or another. Sounds about right.

Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham’s pre-fame life is brought up quite a bit on Reddit, and it turns out that a lot of the comedian’s high school chums thought he became a conceited blowhard once he started getting YouTube views. Also, he was apparently really into PT Cruisers.

Ariana Grande

According to someone on the Internet who allegedly went to school with Ariana Grande, when she was in 7th grade someone asked her if she would be taking part in the school musical and she responded with, “I’m on Broadway. I’m too good for you.”


There’s probably no one on Earth who thinks Eminem is the nicest person around, but one Redditor’s mother was almost (accidentally) set on fire by a pre-fame Marshall Mathers. That’s pretty “shady” behavior, wouldn’t you say?

Jennifer Lawrence

One Redditor says their brother went to school with Jennifer Lawrence. The star supposedly “knocked over a pencil sharpener onto his balls,” though perhaps this was just an accident – after all, Lawrence is famously clumsy.

Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort is making a name for himself thanks to starring turns in hit flicks like Baby Driver. In high school, though, this Redditor says he “was your typical popular douchebag” who “acted like he was famous already.” He also cheated on the poster’s friend.

Emma Watson

According to an extra on the set of an early Harry Potter film, literally everyone was nice to him except for Emma Watson, who the ex-extra said flat out ignored him.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is a man of mystery, and according to someone who tried to get his autograph after seeing a pre-fame Craig in Layer Cake, the actor actively avoided them. The pre-Bond hunk allegedly told them, “I don’t do fan

Bam Margera

Bam Margera has been a contentious presence in the world of extreme sports since his emergence on the scene in the late ’90s, but before he was famous he allegedly didn’t mind bullying other skateboarders and manipulating his way onto community half pipes.

Mitt Romney

Before Uncle Mitt began running for president back in the halcyon days of the early aughts, he pulled the “Don’t you know who I am” trick on a hostess who asked him to wait for a table in a ski lodge restaurant. We’ve all been there, right?!

Miranda Lambert

It’s hard to say if this story is true, but a Redditor who lived across the street from a young Miranda Lambert claims that the country star and animal rights activist kicked the Redditor’s dog.


“Mr. Worldwide” was apparently a bit of a heel in his youth – this Redditor says the musician is his friend’s cousin, and that he was “pretty rude” as a kid.

Ben Roethlisberger

Allegedly, a Redditor went to college with Ben Roethlisberger and says that the quarterback was really into trying to sleep with other guys’ girlfriends. He even thought that the women should take it as a compliment that he wanted to sleep with them. So chivalrous!


A fellow on Reddit who’s either very proud to have gone to school with Deadmau5 or very annoyed that he went to school with Deadmau5 says that the mouse helmet wearing DJ was a “mouthy dick” throughout his tenure in high school. If you’ve kept abreast of the DJ’s Twitter feed, this isn’t really a shock.

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football captivates NFL fans not for his skills, but for his antics once he leaves the stadium – and it seems like it’s always been that way. According to a couple of Redditors, during the player’s tenure at Texas A&M he wasn’t just rude, but he was constantly drunk, too.

John Mellencamp

Word on the streets of Seymour, IN (and Reddit) is that John Mellencamp is not only a jerk, but he also stole a woman’s sweater after meeting her in a yacht club. It’s not necessarily the rudest thing ever, but it feels way too specific to be fabricated.

Evan Dando

Believe it or not, Evan Dando of the Lemonheads and Reality Bites fame was not above making fun of a 12 year old while riding together on a puddle jumper bound for Boston. The now adult Reddit poster says that the singer and his buddies made fun of him, and when he didn’t respond, the guys just made fun of him even harder.

Wes Scantlin

If you had any doubts that the singer of Puddle of Mudd was a jerk, you’re a sweet baby and we don’t want you to change. But you should also know that apparently EVERYONE in Kansas City hates the singer forbeing mean to an older woman that people seemed to love.