Celebrities Who Kept Their Fatal Illnesses Secret for Years


Celebrities live lives with which most people are unfamiliar. Even their deepest, darkest, most personal secrets sometimes make their way into newspapers, online, or into the tabloids. On one hand the celebrity lifestyle is wonderful, but on the other side it can be highly invasive and upsetting for the celebrity in question. Which is why it shouldn’t be surprising that there are many celebrities who kept diseases secret.

Once they’re diagnosed with sometimes fatal diseases, the outpouring of false sentiment can be enough to turn even the most upbeat person cynical. There have been a great number of famous people with secret illnesses who only spoke about their disease once they were free and clear. Other celebrities who were secretly sick never spoke about their issues. Only after their passing do their friends and family tell the public about their affliction.

Which celebrities kept their diagnoses secret? Famous people including David Bowie, Cobie Smulders, and Freddie Mercury are below.

Brad Grey was considered a giant in Hollywood. Grey, fomerly the chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures, had an eye for up-and-coming talent and greenlit some of the studio’s biggest blockbuster successes – includingĀ Transformers. But he harbored a secret from most of his Hollywood pals –Ā Grey was dying of cancer.

Grey died on May 14 from an undisclosed case of cancer, which shocked many of his friends. Friends and colleagues told theĀ Los Angeles TimesĀ they had no idea he was sick, and the last time they saw him he was greeting guests at the Chateau Marmont.

In the wake of Gene Wilder’s death, at the age of 83, on August 29, 2016, the comedian’sĀ family announced heĀ had been privately suffering from Alzheimer’s for three years before passing.Ā According to a statementĀ released by Jordan Walker-Pearlman, a nephew Wilder raised like a son:

The decision to wait until this time to disclose his condition wasnā€™t vanity, but more so that the countless young children that would smile or call out to him ‘thereā€™s Willy Wonka,’ would not have to be then exposed to an adult referencing illness or trouble and causing delight to travel to worry, disappointment or confusion. He simply couldnā€™t bear the idea of one less smile in the world.

David Bowie’s death sent shockwaves across music and film communities worldwide. Hardly anyone realized the singer and actor had been suffering from liver cancer for the 18 months before he died. According toĀ reports, the performer wanted to go “without any fuss.”
The Apple CEO died suddenly in 2011 after a secret battle with cancer. The innovator had staved off pancreatic cancer forĀ nearly two decadesĀ but let very few people ( CEO Bob Iger was one) knew of his diagnosis.
The Queen lead singer was diagnosed with AIDS very early on in the epidemic’s initial outbreak. He made hisĀ final public appearanceĀ almost 26 years ago, and while members of the band knew he was battling the disease, Mercury kept it a secret from fans and the public, denying all reports.
In November 2015, Charlie Sheen told theĀ TodayĀ showĀ that he was HIV positive, and had been for four years. Once rumors began spreading, the actor could no longer hide his diagnosis.
Williams’s suicide was seemingly brought on by depression, which the actor had been battling for years. However, in the days following his death,Ā his wife claimedĀ the onset of Parkinson’s, which had begun a few years prior, was what pushed him to take his own life.
A shocking death for film fans, Rickman had been keeping his cancer diagnosis a secret for some time, according to aĀ statement. Clearly Rickman wanted to endure the fatal disease on his own without fanfare.
Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease as far back as 1990. He waited until 1998 toĀ tell his fansĀ about the disease, and has since become an advocate for finding a cure.
It was obvious whyĀ Rock HudsonĀ wanted to keep his AIDS diagnosis a secret until he died. At the time, being a homosexual was frowned upon, especially for a leading man like Hudson. His death in the ’80s put a face on the disease.
The famed screenwriter and filmmaker, who passed away in 2012, had been battling cancerĀ for years. News of the disease and her passing surprised even some of her closest friends.
While the actress is free and clear now, she privately battled ovarian cancer for a couple of years. The cancer required multiple surgeries, and only five years after being cancer free,Ā Smulders spokeĀ on the disease.
The Oscar winner battled cancer not once, but twice. Several years ago, she overcame ovarian cancer and has also undergone a double mastectomy to rid herself of breast cancer. Only years later did BatesĀ Ā open upĀ about the battles.
Saunders, a British comedian and actress, battled breast cancer in secret when she was diagnosed in 2009. She even hid her hair loss, due to chemo treatments, with a wig. Only when she was clear of the disease did sheĀ tell her story.
While Douglas did reveal he was undergoing surgery to remove cancerous tumors, the actor kept the severity of his diseaseĀ somewhat secret. He was at risk of losing his tongue and jaw, and only after he was clear of that did he real how serious the cancer had been.
The world-famous singer passed away on December 31, 2015, after a long battle with hepatitis C and liver disease. In anĀ interview, her sisters cited her need to be protective of her family so she kept her illness private.
The talk show host had to get out in front of a marijuana scandal in 1999, only thenĀ revealingĀ he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
The star ofĀ The SopranosĀ was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. Only in 2008 did sheĀ tell her story. She is free and clear today.
The famous novelist hadĀ battled breast cancerĀ for six years before passing away. Only she and her two daughters knew of her diagnosis.
The singer was diagnosed with a near-fatal, serious case of Lyme disease which kept her bedridden for five months. Only when she was clear of the scare did she tellĀ Ā her story.
TheĀ Murphy BrownĀ star revealed in anĀ interviewĀ that she suffered a minor stroke back in 2006. When asked why she kept it a secret, Bergen said she “didn’t want it to be a liability.”