Celebrity Business Cards You’ve Never Seen Before

Thanks to the Internet and sites like LinkedIn, does anyone really need business cards anymore? And for that matter, why would a celebrity ever need a business card, especially after they’ve become famous? Well, for starters famous people love free lunches at T.G.I. Friday’s just like the rest of us. Celebrities also claim that they’re super useful when they’re trying to win another free yacht at rich people’s raffle parties. So what do famous people’s business cards look like? Take a look below!
  1. Steve Martin: Polite Actor and Comedian

  2. Jonah Hill: Actor and Disappointment

  3. Walt Disney: The Happiest Business Card on Earth

  4. Lady Gaga: Creative Director, Probably of the Meat Dress Department

  5. Neil Armstrong: A Business Card That’s Out of This World

  6. Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Founder/Ruler of the Universe Probably

  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Governor, Terminator, Star of Junior

  8. Albert Einstein: A Relatively Famous Scientist

  9. Abraham Lincoln: Jokester and Tall Hat Lover

  10. Steve Jobs: Apple CEO/Steven If You’re Nasty

  11. Barack Obama: Senator and POTUS

  12. Bill Gates: Microsoft CEO and Apparent Lover of Triangles

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