28 Chris Pratt Quotes That Make You Fall in Love With Him All Over Again

Every time Chris Pratt opens his mouth, he says something that makes you love him even more than you thought previously possible. His mouth may also be filled with food, but that doesn’t make him any less charming. Despite emerging as one of the biggest movie stars in the past few years, he still acts humble and refuses to take himself too seriously. Chris Pratt exudes the qualities of a celebrity you feel like you know; honestly, who wouldn’t want to know FBI agent Burt Macklin?

To show the world’s true love and appreciation for one of the guardians of the galaxy, collected below is a gallery of Chris Pratt quotes to further reinforce one simple Hollywood truth: Chris Pratt is the best. Once you read this collection of Chris Pratt’s best quotes and Chris Pratt being awesome memes, you’ll fall in love with Andy Dwyer all over again.

Dino-mite Answer

The No Fun Zone

A Giant Kid

Best. Day. Ever.

The Crying Game

Treat Yo Self!

He Really Wants To Lose Three Pounds (For This Role)

Pratt On Thor

Who’s Your Daddy?

Nice Guys Finish First

We Are All Star Lords

Invasion Of The Body Pratt-Chers

Two Words Are Enough

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Tequila Trickery

Idea Factory

Pratt Got Served

Melt My Heart

Total Dick Move

Think Inside The Box

Pays To Be Pratt

Innocence Is Bliss

Food For Thought

First World Pratt Problems

The Bone Collector

Never Slow Your Roll

Spread the Love

Stick To It

Be A Party Pooper

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