30 Coloring Book Corruptions That Will Taint Your Childhood

Coloring book corruptions require some actual drawing talent, which is why this particular, and actually really , coloring book happens to be one of my favorites. From the Coloring Book Corruptions site, the coloring book corruption subreddit and the coloring book corruptions Tumblr, these are the best of the best of what people have had to offer as far as “evil” versions of children’s characters go. 

From Winnie the Pooh and Piglet doing a copious amount of ‘shrooms, to adorable animals from generic coloring books holding dog fights, killing each other, and performing various sex acts, these drawing book graffiti pics will show you that for some people, nothing is sacred. 

These are the and best coloring book corruptions that’ve been posted on the web so far. Enjoy!

The Japanese Coppertone Girl

Their Relationship Didn’t Turn Out to Be What Pooh Wanted

Snow White 3: The Bloodletting

Gru HAS Been A Bad Boy…

Deadliest Catch: Disney

Chowin Down on Some Brain Stem

Dora Is On Fire Today…EN FUEGO

Doesn’t Need Altering

If Snow White Were Real

Eyelids Make a Giant Difference

Tinkerbell Passes the Time

He’s Next…

Vinny Sleeps With The Fishes


It’s Still Adorable

Mickey Trips Balls

The Disturbing Part Is That You Can’t See the Pig’s Hands

The Long-Expected Dinosaur Uprising in the Flintstones

Piglet’s Bad Trip

Bruno Shot First

A Playful Shart

Gaston Imagines Himself a Wig

Sanrio Watches the Exorcist

All Gangsters Wear Pin-Stripe Suits

Curious Geoker

Disney Mice Love Their Anal Beads

Not Even Once

Sesame Street and Santa Monica

Because I’m Bigger Than You

Gutsy Even SOUNDS the Most Delicious

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