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Common Things That People Always Use Incorrectly

We rarely pause to think about how we interact with everyday objects, but when we do, it can be shocking to discover the number of things we’ve been doing wrong for years. What’s more, the answers to many of life’s little frustrations are actually already built into these common items.

Have you ever wished, for instance, that there was a simple way to keep the entire roll of aluminum foil from leaping out like a jack-in-the-box every time you tried to rip off a sheet? The simple solution you’ll find here may surprise you. Ever been so sick that the thought of launching into a Spartan-style battle with your prescription medication’s child-proof cap is enough to exhaust you? Never again!

Here you’ll find a handy list of hidden features, ignored innovations, and simple instructions that will have you using everyday objects like a boss in no time. So let the reprogramming begin.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about your fly accidentally coming unzipped again? Believe it or not, there’s actually a locking feature built into most zippers. To activate it, just press the little handle all the way down so that it lays along the top of your zipper and everything should stay put.
Prescription Pill Bottle Lids

The next time you’re sick and in no mood for your medication’s child-proof shenanigans, just flip the lid upside down. Most are designed with threading on the top that makes the lid reversible so you can give or take the whole child-proofing thing.

Aluminum Foil Packaging
Ever wish you could rip off a sheet of aluminum foil without the rest of the roll flying out of the box in protest? As it turns out, the folks at Reynold’s Wrap are one step ahead of you. There’s actually a little tab on the side of the box you can punch in to hold the roll in place when you tear off a sheet.
Solo Cups
You know those random lines on red solo cups? No accident, amigos! They’re actually convenient measuring tools for alcohol.
Soda Lids
Believe it or not, a lot of thought was put into the nifty design of the plastic soda lid. Unfortunately, most of it appears to have been wasted on people who have no idea that the average takeout cup’s lid was also designed to be a coaster.
Cookware Handles
That’s right, that random hole in the handle of your pots and pans isn’t just there for hanging them on any spare hooks you might happen to have around the kitchen. It’s actually a really great spoon holder.
Soda Can Tabs
Ever wonder why there’s a hole in your soda can tab? Grab a straw and check out how that little hole can hold it in place like a boss.
Toilet Seat Covers
You know that weird middle flap in paper toilet seat covers? It’s actually supposed to go in the front and even sink down into the water a little bit so that the whole cover will be swept away when you flush.
Chinese Take-Out Containers
That’s right: inside every easily unfoldable takeout container, there’s a disposable plate waiting to happen.
Ketchup Containers
If you’ve ever felt forced to use an obnoxious amount of ketchup containers during the same meal, it’s probably because you aren’t letting your container live up to its full potential. Loosen all those little folds along the wall and you’ll have way more ketchup-containing space for your french fry dipping pleasure.
Highway Signs
Ever scream at your GPS for not telling you until the last minute that your exit is actually on the opposite side of the highway? Scream no more with the knowledge that exit signs are arranged on the same side of the highway sign as they actually are on the highway.
Juice Boxes
You know those flaps on the sides of juice boxes that look like little wings when you unfold them? If you use them to pick up the box rather than grip it by its sides, the juice won’t squirt up through the straw like Old Faithful before your first sip.
White Wine Glasses
If you ever wanna fit in with the fancy kids at a wine tasting, hold your glass by the stem or base. The heat from your hands makes the chilled wine get warm a lot quicker if you hold it by the cup itself.
Hand Dryers
Ever noticed that the nozzle on most hand dryers is designed to flip upside down? They can also be used as hair or face dryers in a pinch.
Beer Bottles
Ever wonder why beer bottles have tapered necks? It’s partially because that’s where you’re actually supposed to hold them. They stay cool a lot longer than if you hold them by the thickest part of the bottle, because your hands don’t warm up the beer.
Natural Peanut Butter
Hate opening a can of natural peanut butter only to be greeted by a puddle of oil that’s settled on the top? Store it upside down and the oils will naturally distribute evenly.
Though most of us shamelessly plunge away at both our sinks and toilets with the same time honored pink plunger, that particular variety was actually only designed to unclog sinks. In order to unclog a toilet, you’re really supposed to use a flange plunger.
Yogurt Topping Holders
These little guys were actually designed to flip over and dump the toppings into the yogurt rather than be spooned out begrudgingly.
Gas Meters
Ever pull up to a gas station in a rental car and realize you have no idea what side the gas tank is on? Wonder no more via a helpful hint from the little arrow on your gas meter that points out which side the tank is on.
Children’s Car Seats
Though most parents remain completely oblivious to their error, studies show that up to 72% of children’s car seats fail to be installed in the safest place for babies. Rather than set up your little one’s seat directly behind either the passenger or driver’s seat, it’s actually safest to put them in the middle of the backseat, which literally cuts in half the risk of a child being injured during a crash.
As it turns out, sometimes less really is more, especially when it comes to toothpaste. Though many people think they have to pile the toothpaste onto a brush like an ice cream sundae, a pea-sized amount is actuallythe proper amount to clean an adult’s teeth.
Bobby Pins
Believe it or not, ladies, many of us have been using bobby pins backwards for years now! Next time you’re ready to bust out an updo, make sure the shorter side of the pin is the one closest to your head for maximum hold.
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