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Completely Insane Novelty Underwear

Some of these funny boxers might be a little raunchy, and others might just not come in handy for you, like the emergency bras with actual working gas masks for example, but there really is something on this list for everybody. Not everything is for everybody, but something is for everybody. Whether you’re looking for a hilarious gag gift or impressively innovative novelty boxers that are designed to smuggle everything from firearms to flasks. or whether you’d ever actually purchase any of these bad boys or not, the one thing you’re destined to leave wearing is a smile on your face.

For the Guy Out to Save Millions in Self-Confidence Therapy

This Wolf Totally Invites You to Check Out His Pack

His and Her’s Glow in the Dark

These Gun Concealing Secret Agent Undies

The Underwear That Launched 1,000 Double Takes

These Sneaky Briefs For When You’d Rather Smuggle in Your Own

Ladies, Step Right Up to the Greatest Show on Earth

That’s Right Ladies, Now There’s Disney Princess Lingerie

The Uniform of White Girl Wasted Chicks Everywhere

Sorry, No Vacancy

This Bra That Can Only Be Unlocked by Your “True Love’s” Fingerprint

The Hot Pants Panties: When Denim Just Doesn’t Hug It Tight Enough

Every Night is Ladie’s Night at This Guy’s Petting Zoo

The Mobile Mistletoe Thong for the Man Who Takes Holiday Tradition Seriously

Found Him!


These Self-Cleaning Panties

Let It All Hang Out

This Bra With an Actual Working Built In Gas Mask

Tandum Undies: For the Couple Who Really Can’t Think of Anything Else to Do

This Lie

Well… ?

Shout Your Sluttiness from the Rooftops With This Bra That Tweets Each Time It’s Unhooked

These Oddly Uncomfortable Cantaloupe Panties

Behold: the Original Party Pant

These Handcrafted Beef Jerky Panties
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