The Coolest Minimalist Tattoos

Minimal tattoos strive for simplicity and elegance – either words of wisdom or pretty designs. If you’re looking for tattoos with a bit more flair, some more patterns, or maybe color you should check out our other tattoo lists of the best geometric tattoos and the most stunning watercolor tattoos.

        Single Words

       Detailed Arrow Tattoos

        Special Place Coordinates

        Literary Symbols

        Constellation Tattoo

       Chemistry Tattoos

        Musical Tattoos

       Wedding Band Tattoo

        Inner Finger Tattoos

       Wrist Tattoos

        Paper Plane Tattoo

        Finger Tattoos

        Noughts and Crosses

        Cube Tattoo

        Puzzle Tattoos

        Ear Patterned Tattoos

        Bloc Tattoos

       Ink Spatter Tattoo

         Cute Animal Outlines

       Doodle Tattoos

       Logarithmic Spiral Tattoo

       Line Tattoos

       State Tattoos

       Wreath Tattoos

      Top Knuckle Tattoos