Cosplayers in Compromising Positions

That said, even the best cosplay doesn’t always end up with the best showcase. Sure, San Diego Comic-Con is a playground for everything from your standard Avenger cosplay to obscure DC character to an anime that one guy really liked. But even at Comic-Con, bringing fantastical characters into the real world can often underline just how absurd those characters really are. Seeing superheroes waiting in a bathroom, using public transportation, or just generally being awkward is an unexpected benefit of cosplay.

This list collects photos of situations just like those.These are pictures of good cosplayers in not-so-good positions, as well as decent cosplayers captured in moments that make their outfits even more ridiculous. Sometimes there’s just one thing amiss in these photos, but they all end up being embarrassing. These are cosplayers caught in compromising positions. Vote up your favorites!

Don’t Get Too Excited There Boy Wonder

Some Alternate Realities Are Cooler Than Others

False Advertising Is False

A Mech Suit’s True Weakness: Doors

A Whole Lot More Than His Spider-Sense Was Tingling

Well This Is Awkward…

There Are Some Audiences Where Pedo-Bear is Not Welcome

The Recession Hit Superheroes Hard

Scarred for Life

When Your 3-Year-Old Has More Swag Than You

The Dark Knight Snacks

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But My Name Isn’t Wilson

Just a Soldier Making His Way Home

Master Chief Fell Off His Diet Regimen

Undaunted and Undeterred

If Dogpool Isn’t Happy, Then Nobody is Happy

Gundam Transport Just Isn’t What It Used to Be

A Cosplay to Haunt Your Dreams

I Don’t Think That’s a Pokemo – Oh Nevermind

“Jerry Easy! Calm Down Jerry!”


There’s a Reason No One Cosplays Super Saiyan Level 3

Crossplay Can Be Complicated Sometimes