The Craziest Harry Potter Fan Theories That Could Be True

There’s nothing like a batch of Harry Potter straight out of the piping hot cauldron of the to make the day seem brighter. The Potter books and are seemingly made for , with new ones popping up daily. Rowling’s (or should we call her Rita?) vibrant world is dissected all the time despite the fact that the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was published in 1997. Even Rowling enjoys Harry Potter universe theories. She particularly likes the one about Dumbledore being Death in the Deathly Hallows story of the Peverell brothers. She said, “It fits.”
But does the fan theory that Ginny slipped Harry a love roofie fit? Because for the longest time, it seemed like she was the only one carrying a torch, and Harry couldn’t have cared less. How about this one: Dumbledore is actually Ron? And George Weasley is Willy Wonka? Yep, there are some pretty wild, yet fun, Harry Potter theories out there.
There are quite a few strongly-held Harry Potter fan theories that make sense. Like how Draco Malfoy is a werewolf. He’s got that tortured thing going on. Is this the Dark Lord’s doing? Did Voldy have Fenrir take a chunk out of Malfoy because he failed to deliver the prophecy, and this was something that happened to Death Eater’s children when they messed up?

And with the addition of the new Fantastic Beasts series, new theories have popped up. Is Credence Barebone Voldemort’s dad? Is Percival Graves actually Gellert Grindelwald? Did Newt Scamander give Hagrid Aragog? So many theories sprouting up and will only grow as the five- series rolls on.

Neville Longbottom Uses The Wrong Wand

Because he chose his father’s wand, Neville didn’t let the wand choose him. This explains the constant misfires, but it worked well enough because it was his dad’s. When Neville’s wand is broken at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, he gets a new one at Ollivander’s. This time, the wand chose him and helped him become the leader of Dumbledore’s Army in his seventh year.

Read more about Blogspot user Soggy Old Coot’s theory here.

Did Hagrid Get Aragog From Newt Scamander?

MuggleNet may have unearthed something pretty cool with this one. Aragog, the Acromantula, explains how he came to be with Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: “I came to Hagrid from a distant land, in the pockets of a traveler.”

Scamander ended up at Hogwarts after his travels across five continents to study, collect, and protect fantastic beasts. So it’s altogether possible that a younger Hagrid met a middle-aged Scamander at Hogwarts in the ‘40s.

There’s another connection (besides caring for misunderstood beasts of the world) between the two. Hagrid and Scamander were both expelled from Hogwarts, only to return as professors later.

Trelawney Was Right About Harry’s Birth Date

Even though Harry was born in July, Trelawney tells Harry he was born in midwinter. That’s because a part of Voldemort’s soul was inside Harry, and Tom Riddle was born on December 31, smack in the middle of the winter season.

Voldemort, Harry, And Snape Are The Three Brothers And Dumbledore Is Death

This fan theory states that the three characters are the three brothers from the “Tale of Three Brothers” story in Deathly Hallows and that Dumbledore is Death. The story goes that the brothers meet Death on the road. Death offers them their deepest desires in exchange for their souls. The first wishes for a powerful weapon and is given the Elder Wand. The second asks Death to bring back his wife and receives the Resurrection Stone. The third brother cleverly asks for a way to hide from Death and is given the Cloak of Invisibility. Voldemort dies for power, Severus dies for love, and Harry speaks to his old friend, Dumbledore/Death, in the afterlife.

Rowling loves the Dumbledore theory, tweeting, “Dumbledore as death. It’s a beautiful theory and it fits.”

Further, Dumbledore represents all three brothers. When he was young, he sought power. He lost his sister and might have longed to see her again. And he wasn’t afraid to die, greeting it “like an old friend.”

Crookshanks Used To Belong To Lily Potter

This one comes from Yedu Krishnan who says that when Hermione buys the cat at Menagerie, the owner says they’ve had the cat for “quite some time.” Harry often wondered if their cat survived the attack by Voldemort when he was a baby.

So when Crookshanks recognizes Scabbers/Wormtail and Sirius in their animagus forms, it’s a strong clue that Crookshanks was Harry’s family cat.

The Dursleys Strengthened Harry By Being Awful

Is Harry who he is because of the harsh treatment he received from the Dursleys? Tumblr user Great Hero Battle Fight suggests the following theory:

Almost every single character trait exhibited by Harry can be linked back to his time at the Dursleys: He’s a good seeker because he was malnourished enough to be small and fast, and had gained excellent reflexes from constantly dodging their swings at him. He wants to protect and help others, because no-one helped him. He hates bullies, like Malfoy, because he was bullied. He doesn’t try at school, because he was never encouraged at home, and in fact, was probably punished if he did better than Dudley.

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Even Harry’s lack of curiosity about his family, his past, leading to Hermione or Ron to explain everything is linked back to the number one rule at the Dursley’s, ‘Don’t ask questions.’

Hermione, Harry, And Ron Chose To Be In Gryffindor

Redditors theorize that Hermione represents Ravenclaw because she is intelligent and can solve problems, Harry best reflects Slytherin because he’s ready to do what it takes to defeat Voldemort, and Ron is probably Hufflepuff because of his loyalty (and, come on, he’s a Hufflepuff), but they all chose Gryffindor because they are brave, and stronger together.

Was Hagrid Incapable Of Fathering Children?

Hagrid is a hybrid, thanks to his half giant/half human blood. Most hybrids are sterile. Could this be why he is so attached to the , magical beasts, and the children of Hogwarts? Is it because Hagrid longs to be a parent?

The Dursleys Treated Harry Like Garbage Because He’s A Horcrux

Ranker Videov

Why were the Dursleys so evil and malicious to Harry? It could be that they were under the influence of the piece of Voldemort’s soul embedded in Harry as a horcrux. If Ron could only take five minutes of a horcrux, and Ginny was nearly done in by Tom Riddle’s diary, imagine how that would affect the Dursleys for an entire decade.

Maybe they sucked as from the start, but Harry as the horcrux made them so much worse. The leaving scene in Deathly Hallows: Part 1 does show that at least there’s hope for Dudley.

Neville Was The Second Chosen One

Neville’s Remembrall was at him to remember his robes. Why? Because his robes would save him from a fatal fall – twice. Also, Quirrell tried to take out Neville by controlling his broom. Voldemort might have had a sense that Neville would be his ultimate downfall.

J. K. Rowling Is Actually Rita Skeeter And Harry Potter Is True

This Harry Potter fan theory is wickedly delightful. Rita – being Rita – was kicked out of the magical world when it was discovered she made up a lot of her stories. She found it hard making a living in the Muggle world and in a twist of revenge, she followed the cliche writer advice and wrote what she knew: the magical world.

Tessela-te expands upon that idea, writing on Tumblr, “What if J.K Rowling was nothing but a half-blood sellout who betrayed the international statute of secrecy just to make money? The wizarding world could do nothing because us Muggles only know the story as fiction. And if they pursued legal action, it would only result in completely destroying the fragile nature of their secrecy.”                                                                                                              The First Book Foreshadows The Next Six Books

Tumblr user Devilsbabydoll shared this mind blowing theory:

What if the first book is a foreshadowing of the following 6 books? Here’s what I mean, after Harry, Ron, and Hermione get past Fluffy there’s a number of tasks ahead of them to get to the Sorcerer’s Stone. First they fall into the plant Devil’s Snare, in the second book Harry and Ron have a run in with the Whomping Willow in the second book. Second is the broom and the winged keys, which could represent the Quidditch match where Harry is attacked by all of those Dementors in PoA (Prisoner of Azkaban).Third is the chess match set up by McGonagall, which is referred to as a graveyard before they realize what is happening. Very similar to the literal graveyard Harry finds himself in after being transported there after touching the Tri Wizard cup in the fourth book. Then they run until a troll, who was already knocked out but could loosely foreshadow Gwarp, Hagrid’s half-brother, in the fifth book.

After that they run into Snape’s contribution to the protection of the stone, a collection of potions and logic. In the sixth book, we have a new Potions Master, Professor Slughorn, and Professor Snape moves on to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. The sixth book focuses heavily on Slughorn and the Potions book Harry finds, which used to belong to the Half-Blood Prince, the real Potion Master himself.

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And finally Harry finds himself face to face with Voldemort, and the final book is all about Harry’s final battle where he faces Voldemort for the very last time.

George Weasley Is Willy Wonka

After Fred’s death, George uses the Time Turner to travel to another place and time to become someone new and fulfill the dream of creating a mischievous paradise for kids and adults as an homage to his brother. Given the Fred and George’s penchant for candies and treats that have physical effects, that whole Veruca Salt thing looks like Weasley work.

Also, Wonka says he’s hard of hearing and George lost his hearing in battle. Plus, they’re both gingers. It’s airtight.

Is Mrs. Norris Filch’s Wife?

Tumblr user yoyospaghettiyo might be onto something. Filch is never without his cat, Mrs. Norris. What if she was human at some point and something happened – like perhaps she was an illegal animagus who went through a bad transformation one day?

What if she was Mrs. Filch?! And what if that is what makes Filch so cranky and twisted?

Hufflepuff Is The Stoner House Of Hogwarts

Tumblr user effyeahchampomix has the most delightful theory about Hufflepuff – they are totally high all the time. Here’s the reasoning: they don’t get too worked up about anything, their quarters are close to the kitchen, and their Head of House teaches herbology. When Cedric Diggory had the idea to open the egg in the bath? That’s high sh*t right there. Plus, it’s called HufflePUFF.

effyeahchampomix also thinks Slytherins do cocaine, which… makes a lot of sense, actually.

Muggles Fought The Wizards And The Muggles Won

Why all the fear and racism from the Muggles? Why do magical beings feel superior and hide from Muggles? Because there was a war in the past and the wizards were defeated. The Ministry of Magic, part of a larger government body, was created perhaps as a compromise, away for the Muggle world to keep an eye on the magical one, or maybe just to appease the Muggle world. And maybe the “Avada Kedavra” curse is something Muggles remember from the great war and adopted it into their lexicon.

Reddit user celeritas365 expounds upon this theory  here.

Arthur Weasley Was Under The Imperius Curse

When he was a young man in the Ministry and during the first Wizarding War, Arthur may have been put under the curse by Death Eaters to gain knowledge. The Death Eaters targeted younger Ministry employees because they were vulnerable and unsupervised. This also explains why Arthur white-hot hates the Malfoys as Lucius used the curse as an excuse to get acquitted of his crimes. Arthur is having none of it.

Skelkins expounds on their Arthur and the Imperius Curse theory  here.

The American Wizarding School Stole Its House Names From Native Americans

The for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, J.K. Rowling’s continuation of the Harry Potter universe, feature an American wizarding school called Ilvermorny. And like Hogwarts before it, the school will supposedly have four houses within it. But unlike Hogwarts, the names of the houses may have been stolen from Native American folklore in a kind of half-hearted cultural appropriation.

According to Hypable, a computer programmer was looking around in the code of the official Harry Potter website when they came across an unpublished quiz. Within it, the names of the four houses were (allegedly) revealed. They were: Horned Serpent, Wampus, Thunderbird, and Pukwudgie.

Ridiculous-sounding, to be sure. But many speculate that they are rooted in Native American tradition. According to io9, ” Thunderbird, Horned Serpent, and Pukwudgie are all from various Native American myth, culture, and folklore.” Plus, the “Wampus” is often compared to the “Ewah” from Cherokee mythology. Many fans were not happy with the blatant cultural appropriation, especially since the Harry Potter series has been called out for being insensitive to Native American culture in the past.  

Celestina Warbeck’s Father Knew Newt Scamander

Kelly West at CinemaBlend may be onto something. She noticed something about Rowling’s biography of Celestina Warbeck. Warbeck’s father had a small position at the Muggle Liaison Office at the Ministry of Magic and was possibly there when Scamander worked in another department. This is based on the fact that Celestina was born in 1917, when her father was still working at the Liaison office. Scamander was commissioned to write Fantastic Beasts as a textbook in 1918.

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Warbeck met his future wife when he rescued her from a Lethifold attack on stage. Celestina’s mother was also a performer. The glowing amoeba-like Lethifold (Living Shroud) as described by Flavius Belby, “resembled nothing so much as a rippling black cape” that eats its victims.

A Lethifold disguised as a stage curtain attacked the future Mrs. Warbeck, and Warbeck just happened to be present when. He probably knew that there was only one way to kill the Lethifold: a Patronus.

How would a person working in the Muggle Liaison Office know how to fend off a Lethifold? Maybe he learned a lot from his buddy and fellow beast enthusiast, Newt Scamander. Or, Warbeck gave that knowledge to Scamander, who would certainly need it in his future work.

Ginny Weasley Slipped Harry A Love Potion, Explaining Sudden Romance

Harry barely paid attention to Ginny and then all of a sudden, BAM! They’re a thing? Why? Because Ginny gave him a love potion, of course! And guess who has access to potions and all manner of magical accessories? Ginny’s brothers Fred and George.

Harry Is King Arthur

This theory explores the idea that Harry is actually King Arthur through several clues spread throughout the series by J.K. Rowling. In the Harry Potterverse, Merlin is real:

– Merlin has his own Chocolate Frog card.
– Phrases like “the Order of Merlin” and “Merlin’s beard” are used throughout.
– Infant Harry was laid on the Dursley’s doorstep; infant Arthur was brought to Sir Ector to be raised.
– Both Harry and Arthur weren’t aware of their heritage.
– Harry pulls the sword of Godric Gryffindor from the hat, resembling Arthur pulling the sword from the stone; both acts sealed their fate as the true king/leader.

Check out even more clues here.

Draco Malfoy Is A Werewolf

Malfoy comes from a dark lineage and his own racism and hatred begins to eat at him. And… he’s a werewolf. Did Fenrir Greyback nibble on Malfoy because he had failed Voldemort? This is one of the Dark Lord’s punishments of disappointing children of Death Eaters, and could explain why Malfoy is so tormented.

There is an entire site dedicated to this theory and makes for quite the read.

Horcruxes Were Created By Cannibalism

Redditor sirlionel13 thinks they figured out how Voldemort split his soul into seven pieces. He ate his victims. She posits that cannibals believe the only way to gain strength is by eating the flesh and blood of a person. The only way to make a horcrux is by murdering someone.

She has a pretty elaborate and convincing theory that’s well worth a read.

Harry Will Live Forever, Will Never See His Again

Imgur user HPWombat posits why Harry Potter will forever be The Boy Who Lived. Good news, everybody! In defeating Voldemort, Harry becomes immortal. Bad news, this defeat means he forfeits death and he’ll never be united with his and beloved friends, unless he jumps into Ron/George’s time machine.

Credence Barebone Is Voldemort’s Dad

This one doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny, but theories about Ezra Miller’s character in Fantastic Beasts abound. Fans do know he’s the adopted son of magic-hating Mary Lou Barebone and that he’s manipulated by auror Percival Graves. He’s probably a wizard, too. Good luck with that one, Credence.

Barebone was born in 1905 and is listed as dying in December of 1926. Tom Riddle was born in December 1926. Rowling has said that Barebone will play an important role in the series. So could Credence be Tom’s papa, complete with muggle-hating baggage and a first hand field course in treachery from Graves?

Did Dumbledore Fake The Prophecy Of The Potters’ Death To Lure Voldemort?

Not to disparage Trelawney’s seer skills, but Dumbledore may have used her prophecy to lure Voldemort to Godric’s Hollow. Online forum user FuzzyMuffins explains that by slipping a potion with the prophecy in it into Trelawney’s drink, he could make sure Voldemort heard about it.

Of course, there are all kinds of reasons why this theory may not be solid, but that’s part of why Harry Potter theories are so .

Ron Weasley Is Dumbledore Because Of Time Travel

There’s a theory out there that Ron and Dumbledore are one and the same. We don’t know much about the headmaster and that may be by design. What we do know about the two of them is that they are both redheads (or at least Dumbledore was, before he turned gray), have injured their left legs, and are not really attracted to Hermione. 

However, Rowling shot this one down on Twitter, saying, “False theory.”