All the Crazy Things That Might Happen in Season 7 of The Walking Dead

It goes without saying: Unless you are caught up on The , SPOILERS lurk below.

Are you ready to ponder what will happen this season on The Walking Dead? Comic book readers may have some ideas, but the show has proven again and again that we can’t rely upon the books as a blueprint.

Popular Walking Dead theories surround the fate of Rick and the rest of the gang. Will he go soft? Will he lose it for good? Will Carl have to lock his dad up in the basement until he snaps out of it? Rick’s leadership is going to be challenged and he’ll look like a total p*ssy until we learn what he’s really up to. It’s a theory, anyway.

Other TWD theories focus on how Negan will die. What’s your favorite method? Rick with an axe on top of the RV in the fog? Carl with Lucille near the Sharpie factory? Daryl with a crossbow bolt dipped in walker blood? Carol using Shiva? Maggie with Glenn’s femur in the same clearing where Glenn died? The possibilities are endless. Why can’t Negan die all of those glorious deaths?

Let’s look at all the crazy things that will happen this season on The Walking Dead. Which seems most likely to you?


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