Creepy Treats You Should Serve This Halloween


Woo hoo! It’s that time of year again when the leaves are starting to fall, everything’s starting to taste like cinnamon, and you can damn near feel yourself gaining weight just walking down the candy aisle at the grocery store. Fall has arrived in all its cozy sweater weathered glory which means is just around the bend! As kids of all ages know, of course, nothing helps spook up the mood each October like a huge batch of spooky treats, a tasty collection of which we’ve assembled below.

These treat ideas are sure to make you the coolest parent at your kid’s party, even if you’re used to being merely the crappy cook in the corner glaring bitterly at the coolest mom at your kid’s Halloween party. Here you’ll find everything from Master Chef worthy masterpieces for the more experienced Halloween baker to easy Halloween treats that take less skill to prepare than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Whether you’re a diehard chocolate craving warrior or a loving fruit nut, we’ve got a whole slew of fun Halloween treats to make that both you and your loved ones are sure to love this Halloween.

Wanna get your kids in on the Halloween treat fun this fall? No problemo, because nestled in with the other below, you’ll find plenty of kid-friendly treats that you can decorate with everyone from your tots to your teens. So come on in and scroll through this tasty looking assortment of finished product photos, pick your desired treats, and click on their names for a link to the recipe for each. 

Salted Carmel Apple Snickers Cake
There are but three words that should sell pretty much anyone on this mouth-watering  Salted Carmel Apple Snickers Cake: carmel, Snickers, and cake. You’re welcome!
Spooky Monster Cake
Looking to whip up something spooky, but not too scary for your little guys this Halloween? Check out the recipe for this adorable  Monster Cake from Makoodle.
Ghost Tartlets
How adorable are these little  Ghost Tartlets? This easy recipe is a must for the not so culinary inclined among us, as it’s divided into three parts, so you can either make the tarts themselves or just buy them and make the ghostly little guys that go on top.
Cake with Web Frosting
Another great way to make your favorite cake a little creepier is this ultra-easy  Web Frosting effect which can be acheived with white chocolate atop virtually any cake icing.
Grave Intentions Cake
Are you a one recipe kinda gal, looking to make your lone chocolate cake recipe a little more creepy? Look no further than the  Grave Intentions Cake, a classic chocolate cake decorated with tombstones made from Pepperdine Farm Milano and Bordeaux cookies.
Poison Candy Apples
If you’re looking for a super easy, yet spooky Halloween treat you can fix in a pinch, consider whipping up a batch of  Poisoned Candy Apples. These bad boys are a fun, Halloween-inspired twist on one of the greatest classics in the book.
Bloody Broken Glass Cupcakes
Get ready folks, cause these ain’t your PTA mama’s class Halloween party cupcakes. If you wanna give your guests a double-take worthy treat this fall, check out these  Bloody Broken Glass Cupcakes, complete with a sugar based “glass” recipe to keep your party lawsuit free.
Scaredy Cat Brownies
Let your inner cat lady fly this Halloween with these tasty  Scaredy Cat Brownies. This easy to make recipe will show you how to make the brownies themselves, then just decorate them with adorable York peppermint patty cats!
Dead Man’s Finger Sandwiches
Here’s another great one for the far-from-gourmet-chef crowd! Not only are these  Dead Man’s Finger Sandwiches incredibly creepy, they’re about as quick and easy to make as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Chocolate Pumpkin Witch Cupcakes
Wanna be the coolest snack parent in your kid’s class this Halloween? Check out these adorable  Chocolate Pumpkin Witch Cupcakes, or just lift the witchy decor ideas for any of flavor of cupcake you like!
Put an adorable spin on the classic Rice Krispies treat this fall with these adorable  Frankentreats. These bad boys couldn’t be easier to make, as you can use your own or pre-made Rice Krispies treats that you’ll then decorate with tasty chocolate and candies.
Creepy Cocktails
Need something to kick back with after a hard day of prepping Halloween party snacks for your little dudes? Let the rum lover in you go all Jack Sparrow on this super easy to mix  Creepy Cocktail.
Spiced Chocolate Bat Cookies
If you’re not ready to abandon all things chocolatey in favor of pure cinnamon, just because it’s fall, check out this fun and easy recipe for  Spiced Chocolate Bat Cookies which incorporate both!
Carrot Cupcakes with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing
Who says you’ve gotta be a chocolate lover to get your inner Halloween kid on? Check out these  Carrot Cupcakes with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing for a killer effect that packs a lighter fall taste.
Fruit Apple Teeth Treats
Who says you’ve got to be a master chef to be the coolest mom or dad on the block this Halloween? Check out the ultra easy (and healthy!) recipe for these fun  Fruit Apple Teeth Treats.
Mud and Worms
Ever experience one of those awkward moments when you realize at the last minute that you’re on snack duty tomorrow? Never fear, as long as you’ve got this 10 minute  Mud and Worms recipe ready to whip up.
Grape Lemonade Ghost Ice Pops
Want a super easy treat you can whip up for your kids, or hey, even yourself, this fall? It doesn’t get any easier than these adorable  Grape Lemonade Ghost Ice Pops, which achieve their spooky eyeball affect thanks to honeydew melons and raisins.
Spooky Halloween Eyeballs
Want a little snack that packs a big punch? Check out these  Spooky Halloween Eyeballs which, despite their creepy effect, taste just like peanut butter cups.
Spooky Spider Buttercream Frosting
Wanna give your favorite cake, cookies, or cupcakes a little fall face-lift? Check out this quick and easy recipe for “spider infested”  Buttercream Frosting.
Chocolate Mice
Get your creepy critter on this fall with these whimsical little  Chocolate Mice! Your kids will have your cats jealous as you serve up the tastiest little rodents on the block.
Kitty Litter Cake
Wanna seriously creep out everyone at your Halloween party this year? Take bets on who’s brave enough to take a big bite of this creepily realistic looking  Kitty Litter Cake and your party will pay for itself in no time.
Candy Corn Martini
Who says Halloween candy’s just for kids? Kick back and relax while the kids are at their fun fall events with this tasty  Candy Corn Martini.
Choco-Caramel Critters
If you’re a caramel lover, then you’ll love decorating these  Choco-Caramel Critters with the kids this Halloween. Grab a pack of caramel snacks such as Brach’s Milk Maid Caramels, some candy for critter decor, and you’re ready to go.
Candy Corn Beak Owl Cookies
If you’ve got little ones who you’d love to serve fun Halloween treats to without also giving them nightmares, these  Owl Cookies are a great way to go. From their cinnamony feathers to their candy corn beaks, these little guys are sure to be the cutest cookies on the block.
Icy Witch
Keep things this Halloween this cute little  Icy Witch from Parents magazine. Not only is this little lady the coolest ghoul on the block, she’s super easy to make and would love your kids’ help with the decorating step.
Brains Cake
Creepy fondant brands on the outside, delicious red velvet on the inside.
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