Cringeworthy TSA Photos That’ll Make You Never Want to Fly

Air travel safety is vitally important in this day and age, no one will debate that fact. But somewhere along the line agents became a national punch line. It started with the awkward crotch pat downs, then they implemented those cringeworthy body scans, and it has just really snowballed from there. As the 21  below will clearly demonstrate, going through TSA has become one of the most awkward experiences that life has to offer. Everyone has probably experienced an awkward TSA moment at some point in their lives, but these incidents here are about as cringeworthy as it gets.

Winning the TSA

So Close to Perfection

“Random” Strip Search

This Is Where You Draw The Line, TSA

To Catch a Mini Me

Nun Too Happy

TSA Just Made the Naughty List

That’s the Last Straw, TSA

Being Is a Crime

No Itch Left Unscratched

Really, TSA? Really?

This Is Re Getting Old

Search and Destroy

Have You Always Been Uncircumcised, Sir?

Oh, Nothing. Just a TSA Agent Patting Down a Baby

Come Fly the Naked Skies

Sniffing Up the Wrong Tree

TS Eh?

Abs of Mass Destruction

Hide Nor Hair

Gleaming the Cube