The Cutest Animals That Fit Right on Your Finger

Some of the cute little you’ll find here are temporarily tiny due to the fact that they are still babies, while others plan to rock their tininess for life. You’ll even meet the current world record holder of the title of tiniest land mammal, as well as a couple of other creatures who are the smallest of their kind. While you may recognize some of these adorably tiny , you’ll also meet a few who are among not only the smallest, but the rarest animals on .

So the next time you’re looking for the kind of pick-me-up that only adorable of animals can provide, come on in and rest assured that you won’t be disappointed. These compact cuties will have you grinning in no time as they peek out from the hands of their human friends at the great big world beyond.

This Baby Fennec Fox Defies the Boundaries of Cute

This Baby Sea Turtle Invites You to Hit the Beach

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This Furry Little Finger Monkey Is Living Up to His Name

This Tiny Hatchling Tortoise Is Ready to Take the World by Storm

This Adorable Baby Owl Practices His Wise Face

This Teeny Tiny Sugar Glider Is Not Quite Ready for Lift Off

This Blue Dragon Nudibranch Is Among the World’s Rarest Creatures

This Baby Quail’s Cute Is Out of Control

These Albino Pygmy Marmosets Channel Their Inner Chewbacca

This Baby Hamster Thanks You for Lending Him a Hand

This Western Pygmy Possum Is All Ears

This Tiny Star Fish Shines with the Best of Them

This Pocket-Sized Primate Is Poised for Adventure

This Pint Sized Puppy Promises to Protect You Always

This Baby Squirrel Is Napping Like a Boss

This Precious Squirrel Thanks You for the Lift

This Hedgehog Is Just Hanging Around

This Baby Hummingbird Prepares to Hit the Garden

This Mini Mouse Bets You Can’t Have Just One

The Octopus Wolfi Holds the Current Record for World’s Smallest Octopus

This Eurasian Pygmy Owl Learns He’s Adopted

This Insanely Cute Chameleon Wonders, Which Way to the Bathroom?

This Tiny Kitten Is a Cuteness Overload Disaster Waiting to Happen

These Tiny Echidnas Still Have Bed Head

This Little Frog Assures You It’s Not Easy Being Green

This Itty Bitty Baby Blue Marlin

This Etruscan Shrew Holds the Record for Tiniest Land Animal in the World

This Baby Possum Is Just Hanging Out

This Adorable Chihuahua Wonders Why You Gotta Rub It In?

This Puffer Fish Shows You His Puffy

This Tiny Gecko Wonders If You’ve Got Geico?

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This Full-Grown Paedophryne Amauensis Is the World’s Tiniest Frog

Teeny Tiny Horseshoe Crab Thinks Your Finger Makes a Great Home

These Tiny Tarsiers Look Poised to Say “Preeeeeecious”

This Little Lizard Observes His Domain from on High

This Super Small Snail Is Full of Slimy Love

This Fan Protects the Streets Under the Cover of Darkness

This Silkworm Moth May or May Not Be Plotting to Take Over the World

This Slender Loris Is in No Mood for Your Crap

This Tiny Grasshopper Is Ready to Serenade You Through the Night

This Adorably Small Snake Is Undercover as a Ring

This Crazy Caterpillar Wonders If You Know the Way Back to Wonderland?