Dangerous Games That Kids These Days Play

What are some kids play? Since the advent of social media, parents worry more than ever about their kids being influenced by viral challenges and games that could be incredibly dangerous. While teenagers have been accidentally hurting themselves and each other for centuries, they now can have audiences all over the world thrilling to their misadventures. Add that to the speed with which trends travel, and you’ve got a recipe for a lot of kids getting hurt to impress other kids.

Or do you? While it’s clear that kids do play dangerous games and test their limits, it’s also clear that many of these games are nothing more than moral panics. A kid gets hurt doing something stupid, blames it on some new game that “the kids” are playing, and the news media goes into action hyping the new thing to be afraid of – even if it’s not really a trend.

So are “games” like car surfing, the choking game, sack tapping, 30 second fighting and skittling just lurking out there, waiting to pounce on naive parents and kids? Or are they mostly just isolated incidents of kids being bored and feeling immortal? Here are some of the dangerous games kids might be playing, what they are, and whether they’re really real, or just hype-driven scares.

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