30 Dirty Slogans That Businesses Somehow Got Away With

A strong business slogan encapsulates the core of what your business does stands for. Or it can be blatant sexual innuendo to offend everyone in your community and ruin your business before it even starts. The owners of the following businesses obviously chose the latter with slogans one can only hope were accidentally dirty. It’s time to experience the naughty side of advertising and dirty business slogans with an endless slew of “that’s what she said” jokes, the worst political slogan ever, and double entendres galore. And to all you entrepreneurs out there, remember to think long and hard before you approve your next company slogan.

Tricky Dick

The Direct Approach

Twisted Sisters

The Official Slogan For Unemployment

Hole in One

Total Dick Move

The Jerk Store Called

Meat And Greet

Come Again?

Can’t Argue With That Logic

Damn Deen!

Complete And Udder Failure

Subliminal Advertising Gone Wild

It Just Sucks

Keep On Trucking

Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Pork In The Road

Dream On

Game On


When You’re Not “Killing It”

Lick Of The Devil

Going Off The Deep End

Slogan Boner

That’s What She Said

Time To Pay The Piper

We Meat Again

Shoot The Messenger

Advertising Ruined My Childhood

Nice One, Smarty Pants