Do Not Look at These Photos If You Are Afraid of Heights!

Did the mere mention of the word “heights” totally just send a chill down your spine? Are you the type that can’t even with elevation? Does an unassuming step ladder strike terror into your soul? Great news, you have acrophobia and a crazy intense fear of heights! Anyway, you might want to turn back now and run screaming into the night, because here we’ve assembled a slideshow gallery of the craziest “afraid of heights” of all time.
Don’t identify? Perhaps you’re the type who just chuckled at the above paragraph? Maybe you laugh in the face of airplane rides and think a hot air balloon looks like a grand time? Maybe you even desperately want to go camping with one of those tents that just hangs off the side of a cliff? Then come on in and get ready to never be able answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions again. Defy us if you dare but don’t ever say we didn’t try to warn you.
Below you’ll be swept away on a photographic journey of not giving a sh*t about gravity. You’ll gasp, you’ll bug your eyes, and we dare you to keep count of how many times you desperately utter the word “why?”
Why, indeed? We can’t tell you and these folks are so crazy we’re willing to bet they can’t either. All they know is they’re not afraid of heights and they live to revel in it. So come on in… if you dare. Get ready to see guys hanging off of bridges, chicks traipsing around at ridiculously high altitudes, and whole groups who have assembled for the sole purpose of not giving a crap about the fact that they’re really high off the ground.
Worst. Trust Workshop. Ever.
Substituting for a Sail. Not Recommended Unless You Are Another Sail.
World’s Worst Rest Stop
Camp Ground, Hold the Ground
World’s Worst Office Potluck
Skip the Rope, They Said. It’s Just Extra Weight, They Said.
This Valentine’s Day, Give Her the Gift of Terror as You Run Screaming Side by Side From an Ill-Timed Train…
F—in’ Mapquest!
Gargoyle Stand-In: Worst. Temp Job. Ever.
Support Beam Stand-In: Second. Worst. Temp Job. Ever.
OMG Why?
So Many Levels of Why?
Dude. Buy a Desk.
Worst. Field Trip. Ever.
Hey Anybody Seen Bob Lately?
Bunny Hill My Ass!
World’s Worst Jobs: Weight Limit Test Team
OMG We’ll Buy You So Many Shirts if You’ll Just Come Down Already
Under-Concern: Nailing It
Why, Well Balanced Sir? Just Why?
It’s Fun to Go to the Why-MCA
Leaning over the Ledge from the 1000x Safer Roof Right Beneath it: Not Emo Enough
There’s a Reason They’re Called HANDrails
Bonding: You’re Doin’ it Wrong
Worst. Break Room. Ever.
We Just Can’t Even with This Guy’s Shenanigans Right Now
50 Shades of Why?
If All Your Friends Were Jumping off a… Oh, Wow. Awkward.
Trust: Not Always a Good Thing
Reason #435 Why Women Live Longer Than Men
Extreme Nomming
Helicopter Tours: Now Offering Discount Seating Options
Avoiding The Daily Commute: You’re Doing it Wrong
Woman Having a Worse Day Than You in 3… 2… 1…
OK, OK We All Think U R So Manly Now Plz Stop
Oh, it’s a Memorial to the Last Guy Who Climbed Up Here. K Cheese!
And the Parent of the Year Award Goes To…
We Can’t Even This Ending Well
K Impressive Now OMG Stop
The Odds She’ll Catch Him? Remarkably Lower Than He Hopes.
World’s Worst First Date
View. Not So Super, Actually.
Beause the Risk of Falling Hundreds of Feet From a NON-Slippery Surface Is for Wimps.
World’s Sneakiest Stupid Person
Warning: Acceptable to Stupid Ratio Has Been Surpassed
3… 2… Why?
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