Dogs Living That Ruff Life Of Having Their Bed Stolen

Poor pups! Unlike delightful things, like recently opened jars of peanut butter or tummy rubs, stolen dog beds are tough. Just when these  thought they were going to plop down for a nice snooze, their beds were snatched.

It’s pretty much a universal truth that good boys and girls would rather snuggle up with their human owners, but sometimes it’s just nice to have your own bed. Unfortunately, that’s not possible if your roommate is a cat who won’t share the bed even if it isn’t theirs (why are always invading personal space?). These dogs who got their bed stolen were really shown who’s boss – and that boss is usually their cute little pet sibling.

All the pets in these cute dog bed photos deserve extra treats for putting up with their roommates’ sheer disrespect for personal property. Better luck next time, puppers!

A Portrait Of Defeat

Maybe We Can Just Share?

At Least Someone Is Comfortable

Please, Do Something

Are You Just Going To Sit There And Let This Happen?

Excuse Me, Do You See This?

When Bae Takes Up The Whole Bed

…And We’re Just Letting This Continue, Aren’t We?

So. Much. Frustration.

The Little Brother Is Always The Golden Child

Kitty, Queen Of All The Dog Beds

Fine, I Guess You Can Have The Corner

Who’s The Good Boy Now?

Am I Still Supposed To Get In My Crate?

Honestly, This Is Not Amusing

In Case You Wondered Who Was In Charge

Exiled From Kitty Kingdom

Maybe If I Lie Here Like This Long Enough, She’ll Go Away

This Is How It’s Going To Go?

The Lap Of Stolen Luxury

And None For You, Gretchen Wieners

The Term “Dog Bed” Is Subjective

Puppy Dog Eyes Of Shame

He Does It Because He Can

Welp, It Was Fun While It Lasted