What Will You Do If Donald Trump Wins?

The results of the 2016 election are looming. The moon is blood red and the flutter of bat wings is deafening. This can only mean one thing: Donald might win. If that’s true, what will you do when Donald wins the election? Are you the kind of person that swears you’re going to move to Canada if the votes don’t turn out how you hoped? Or are you going to stick around and try to make a difference in local politics? Or will you be straight up celebrating as your candidate manages an unprecedented comeback? How will you celebrate? Whether you’d be psyched or you can’t even imagine America with a man like Donald as President, you still have to wake up in the morning and do something.

It’s a question that everyone that’s slightly left of the alt-right is asking themselves, “What will you do if Donald Trump is President?” A lot of people have said that they’re leaving the country, which is shortsighted. How can you get anything accomplished when you pack up your clothes and bail at the first sign of trouble? Some people will probably be happy that there’s finally an orange man in the White House for the first time, while others will simply give up. But what are you going to do?