Game of Thrones Scenes You Should’ve Paid More Attention To

Oh  of Thrones… you are so full of secret symbols and hints at the future and at the past. Sometimes secrets in  of Thrones scenes aren’t so secret on a second watching and some are even meant to be foreshadowing. Quaithe told Ser Jorah he was going to get greyscale. The Hound let Arya know where Meryn Trant liked to hang out. Arya gives Lady Crane acting advice from a place: her own life.

Besides theorizing away every week and season, fans are also quick to point out the many  scenes with hidden meanings. That’s why watching episodes several times will usually reveal a new twist.

There are numerous secrets in  scenes but we’ll focus on some of the latest, and a few that harken to now, to see just how clever the GoTs showrunners and crew are. In the early days of Castle Black, we see the initials “R.L.” carved in a post behind Jon. In Season 6, a sharp-eyed fan caught the resemblance of the Three-Eyed Raven to the carving in the weirwood tree where the Children of the Forest made the sacrifice to create the first White Walker.

There are so many hidden gems in Game of Thrones, we’ll be finding them for years.

Arya’s Acting Advice to Lady Crane

Imnotlikeanyofyou nailed this one. When Arya is telling Lady Crane how she would react if she lost someone she loved (for the scene where LC plays Cersei crying over Joffrey’s body), she’s talking about her father. And what set her on the path she’s on.

She says, “She loved him more than anything, and he was taken from her before she could say goodbye. She wouldn’t just cry. She would be angry. She would want to kill the person who did this to her.” When Lady Crane asks her if she likes to pretend to be other , Arya says,“ I have to go. My father is waiting for me.”

Benjen’s Carving at Castle Black?

Some sharped-eyed fans caught this one during an early exchange between Jon and Samwell. In a shot that featured Jon, the initials “R.L” are carved into a post. 

Hodor’s Purpose Was Foreshadowed From the Moment We Met Him

The first time we see Hodor, he’s asked by Theon to help Bran down the hall. A total foreshadowing of Hodor’s purpose and fate in Season 6. Quite_Operational picked up on this the very night the episode aired. Aww. 

The Hound’s Foreshadows Meryn Trant’s Death

Meryn Trant was on Arya’s hit list for a while. He stripped and beat Sansa and he most likely killed Syrio Forel, Arya’s tutor, in an unfair fight. The Hound gives Arya a bit of insight about Trant, though. And he gives a hint about where Trant will be when Arya finally kills the treacherous knight. 

When the youngest Stark daughter claims that no one is “worse than” the Hound, the accused says:

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There are many men worse than me. Men who like to beat little . Men who like to rape them…

Later, Trant shows up in Braavos and Arya follows him to a brothel where he strikes young . It seems like he may continue on with the abuse in other ways, but Arya brutally slays him, putting an end to evildoings for good.

Ghost’s Fur Color = R+L=J

This one has been around for a while, but it’s time to bring it up again. Ned finds the direwolf pups symbolizing his orphaned , foreshadowing his and Robert Baratheon’s death. Jon gets the white direwolf runt who grows up to be anything but. Ghost is white. Targaryens are known for their white hair. Jon’s are Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. It’s a whole thing that needs to be confirmed about now. 

Daenerys Had to Go Back to Go Forward

Quaithe said to Dany, “To go north, you must journey south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward you must go back, and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow.”

Part of that message played out in the form of Daenerys being captured by the Dothraki. She was intended to either live out her days at the dosh khaleen (AKA khal’s widows) home or get raped by the khals and their blood riders. But Daenerys was all “nope!” and killed the khals instead, and now she has 100,000 blood riders. She had to go back to go forward.

Bran’s Vision of Wildfire

What was that wildfire explosion all about? Possibly the burning of Summerhall, from when the Targaryens tried to hatch dragon eggs and burned the whole castle down. That wildfire explosion also killed Duncan the Tall, a noble knight and an ancestor of Brienne’s. 

The highly explosive liquid was created by the Alchemists’ Guild and can only be put out with huge amounts of sand. Aerys hid it all over the place, even under the Red Keep. He was crazy – possibly from Bran’s warging.  

But is this Cersei’s promise to burn cities to the ground and conquer her enemies? Maybe she’s our mad queen after all…

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Margaery Tyrell Was Dissing the Sparrows in Season 4

And the show has teased us before Marge’s “conversion.” She says in Season 4, “I’ll end up with a string of dead sparrow heads around my neck.” Redditor singh_sahil24 caught that one. 

Bran’s Warp Speed Three-Eyed Raven Download

Bran had to catch up fast. When the Three-Eyed Raven was killed by the Night King, Bran had to absorb the of the world in a very short amount of time. We see many events, past and future, as Bran downloads. One of the most prevalent was the Mad King. We see:

The Mad King on the Iron Throne yelling to his pyromancer to “Burn them all!” Who does he remind you of?

Jaime killing the Mad King – Jaime knows that Aerys has lost it and he’s about to burn everything in sight with wildfire. First, Jaime kills the pyromancer, and then he skewers the Mad King from behind. Is it Jaime’s turn to get stabbed in the back?

Jaime sitting on the Iron Throne – We know from the books that Eddard rides his horse right into the throne room to find Jaime sitting there. Jaime that he was keeping it warm for Robert.

Are we foreshadowing another mad Targaryen coming for the throne and Jaime will once again have to handle him… or her?

The White Walkers Told Us Who Created Them in the Pilot

When they arranged the body parts in the spiral, the WWs were telling those who came upon their soon-to-be-wights that they were made at the weirwood tree by the Children of the Forest. They’ve also adopted the stone idols. 

The Three-Eyed Raven May Have Messed Up, Big Time

Fans have speculated that the Max Von Sydow-ish tree in Bran’s Dawn Age vision is a hint that the Children of the Forest worshipped what they thought was a god, the Three-Eyed Raven. In the books this is Brynden Rivers, a legitimized Taragryen bastard, and also called the Bloodraven.  

The CotF worshipped the weirwoods and protected themselves from the First Men by creating the White Walkers. They may have mistaken the warging sorcerer Rivers/Bloodraven/Three-Eyed Raven for a god. He and the Children needed Bran’s help to right a huge wrong.

Ser Jorah’s Greyscale Was Predicted in Season 2

Remember when the mysterious Quaithe showed up and said this: “Jorah the Andal. This man must sail past Old Valyria. All who too close to the Doom must have protection”? She has a lot more time in the books, sharing visions with Dany through her dreams made possible by glass candles. So much so that many think Dany and Quaithe are the same person. In the show, she’s definitely there to predict Jorah’s greyscale problem. 

Nice Framing of Arya in Front of the Iron Throne

Redditer PLX-One caught this one. When Arya sneaks backstage to not do what a girl has been told to do, poison Lady Crane, she steps in front of the prop for the Iron Throne. Foreshadowing or just a haha moment? 

Arya’s Stick Fight Represents the Fates of Her Brothers and the Hound

During one of her stick fights with the Waif, Arya talks about her three brothers. With each blow, the Waif attacks Arya in the way that each either died or was maimed. She also questions Arya about the Hound.

Robb = Stabbed in left torso
Bran = Broken back from the tower fall
Rickon = Either he sustains a leg injury or he’s tripped up by Ramsay (as in, he got caught)
The Hound = Hit in the head with a rock and pushed off a cliff

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Gilly Is the Embodiment of Heartsbane

Wow, Randyll Tarly is gnarly. That should be his lord name. His verbal and emotional beatdown of Sam doesn’t seem to scare Gilly at all. In fact, she’s seen much worse than that from her daddy/baby daddy. She stands up to Samwell’s father like a boss.

Besides killing a White Walker and a Thenn, Sam has been emboldened by his love for this wildling flower. Randyll banishes Sam from Horn Hill, will see to it that Gilly is slaving away in the kitchens, and that little Sam will be raised, probably horribly, to be a bastard Tarly. Sam is having none of it. On the way out with Gilly and the baby in tow,  Sam takes House Tarly’s pride, one of the few remaining Valyrian steel swords, Heartsbane.

Gilly reflects the sword’s might in the she borrowed from Sam’s sister. And Sam’s newfound courage tells us that the pair will be formidable in battle.

Yara’s Unfortunate Johnson Reference

“Anything with a c*ck is easy to fool.” Remember that time when she said this to her upstart of a brother who had just hit on her, not knowing she was his sister? Um… But he can’t be fooled twice, Yara. He’s got your, er, back now.