Every Day Life In The Mayan Empire Was Way Weirder Than You Thought

While much is known about the Mayans’ achievements, the question remains: what was daily life for Mayans like? The Mayan Empire stretched through much of Central America, including southern Mexico, all of Belize and Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, and the classical Mayan period was between 250 and 950 CE. In the early 16th century, however, the Mayans were conquered by the Spanish. Through the Spanish conquistadors, especially Diego de Landa, there exists a pretty comprehensive guide (actually his account has been called an “ethnographic masterpiece”) as to what life in ancient Mayan civilization was like. While they have things in common with other ancient civilizations – like the penchant for head binding they share with the ancient Egyptians – there are also many truly unique elements to everyday life for the Mayans.

This list will let you know what being a Mayan was like on the day to day – what they ate, how they dressed, what they did for fun… and of course how they performed human sacrifices. Those are just too fun to leave out.