Everything Donald Trump Was Thinking but Not Saying in the Third Debate

Donald is such a demure character that he’s probably not thinking about anything crazy right? Just kidding, whatever Donald ’s thoughts during the last presidential were had to be absolutely bonkers. There were probably a few misogynistic epithets floating around, and at least secret mental cue to Vladimir Putin (just in case telepathy is a thing). Even though it seems like he’s speaking off the top of his head, the things Donald Trump wanted to say during the third were probably much more of a nightmare than anything he spewed at Chris Wallace. It’s time to take a look at all the things Donald Trump thought during the final election .

Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that Donald Trump tends to say what’s on his mind, but even the most ridiculous fame monsters have to have some kind of inner monologue. We don’t know for sure, but we think that the thoughts raging in Donald Trump’s head are a million times worse than anything he says on a daily basis. That, or he can’t get “Uptown Funk” out of his head. Just to be sure, how about taking a look at his innermost thoughts during the debate.

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