Everything We Know About The House of Black and White

There are many SPOILERS in A Girl’s list that answers the question “What is the organization Arya is in?” Don’t pay the steep price of being annoyed and come back when you’re caught up on the books and TV series.

The Faceless Men from the House of Black and White are one of the most mysterious shadow groups in  of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire. An assassin’s guild that will kill anyone you ask them to – you just need to pony up the majority of your fortune (if you’re wealthy) or give up your life, child, or something else precious to you (if you’re poor).

What is the House of Black and White? Well, strangely enough, it appeared along with Braavos and the Iron Bank at the Secret City’s unveiling 111 years after its founding by former Valyrian Freehold slaves. The windowless temple sits on a deserted rocky lagoon in Braavos. You have to take a small boat to get there. And you might not be let in when you arrive, even if you have the special iron coin of the Faceless Men and know the guild motto, “Valar morghulis,” or “All men must die.” Cheery greeting, guys.

Who’s the guy who blinded Arya that one time because she killed the wrong man? A Man cannot tell you who is Jaqen H’Ghar because he is No One. “Jaqen H’Ghar is dead.” And probably a hoot at a party. A Man probably forgot to bring the ice and cold cuts again. Since we first laid eyes on Jaqen (or did we earlier?), it seems like he’s gone out of his way to put himself in Arya’s path.

Did Syrio Forel, the First Sword of Braavos, tell the Faceless Men about his protégé? Or was Syrio Forel also a faceless man AND Jaqen H’Ghar? Maisie Williams asked the showrunners and was told no. Like we’re going to believe them after that whole “Jon Snow is definitely” dead thing. And now that Arya has blown her second chance at becoming a Faceless Man on purpose, just how crazy is that fight to the death going to be with the Waif? Oh, it’s going to be on.

Let’s drink from the poison fountain and take a closer look the origin of the Faceless Men, their Many-Faced God, their connection to the Iron Bank, if any, the House of Black and White, and their endgame.

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