Everything You Need to Know Before Going Through Airport Security

Some tips are obvious: don’t bring a bunch of liquids with you; don’t wear really complicated footwear because you’ll need two minutes to remove it; take off your belt – you get the idea. The single most effective way to get through security faster, TSA Precheck, is also pretty well-known, and it prevents you from having to worry about your mystery fluids or your complicated footwear at all. But maybe there are some things you still don’t know about airports, in general, and the security line, in particular. It’s also always good to have a strong understanding of the kinds of people you might encounter at the airport.

Some airport security tips aren’t very obvious, such as getting through the line faster by having a boring hairstyle and being certain never to whistle (more on that later). And some airport security facts that used to be true are now obsolete. For example, you may remember some notable items that were initially banned, such as knitting needles, without being aware of the items that are now permitted, such as knitting needles. If you are so inclined, along with your knitting needles, you may also bring some falcons and a chainsaw. If that sounds like something you might be into, read on!

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