Everything That Should’ve Been Discussed in the First Clinton-Trump Debate

Did anyone really expect a debate between a nonsense spewing chatterbox and a cagey career politician to actually touch on topics that Americans care about? Most of the first presidential debate was spent in a swirling vortex of sound bites, and when an issue was discussed, it was rarely for longer than 30 seconds. There were so many topics that weren’t covered in the that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Should the nominees have discussed our failing education system or the inane military overspending that our country has been taking part in since the late ’70s? Maybe one of them could have brought up gender disparity in the workplace. It was a long discussion, but there were still plenty of issues no one addressed in the first 2016 presidential debate.

While it’s important that every topic gets broached at a debate, there are some issues that are important to voters that rarely get talked about, so we’re asking you what you really care about in the 2016 election. Vote up the most important issues that received no attention during the debate between Trump and Clinton, and if you think something should have been discussed that isn’t on this list, please let us know in the comments and we’ll text Lester Holt with your query.

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