Facts About The Blue Fugates, A Family With Blue Skin Thanks To Inbreeding

People come in all colors – to an extent. You wouldn’t expect to see a human with naturally blue skin. But that’s the case for the Blue Fugates. Who are the Blue Fugates? The title refers to members of the Fugate family of eastern Kentucky, particularly those who lived in the early- to mid-20th century. And according to firsthand accounts, the title is no exaggeration.

Why did the Fugates turn blue? The short answer has to do with a genetic mutation arising from inbreeding. The longer answer has to do with recessive genes and bizarre happenstance. If the Fugates hadn’t lived in such a rural area, their condition might not have become as pronounced.

Blue skin is often seen as something not quite human: the Scottish Blue Men of the Minch, the Hindu god Krishna, even Smurfs all have it. But the Fugates are mortal, and however wild they may seem, these facts about the Blue Fugates of Kentucky are nothing but the total truth.