Famous Actresses Talk About Doing Nude Scenes

The amount of nudity we see in television and film is astronomically higher than ever before. Shows likeĀ Game of ThronesĀ andĀ GirlsĀ show stars in the buff on almost a weekly basis. While scenes involving nudity have been relegated to “gratuitous” and “pornographic” in the past, the purpose and discussion behind those scenes is starting to change. Now, can be viewed as empowering, poignant, and even necessary to storytelling for these films and TV shows. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the Hollywood landscape has been scrubbed clean of its blatantly titillating either, especially in regards to women.

Female celebrities in film and TV are the first to be taken advantage of when it comes to nude scenes. Whether the scene is necessary or not, women in the industry are expected to oblige and strip their clothes whenever asked of them. Some female celebs have voiced stark opposition to filming nude scenes, even refusing to consider the option.

While baring it all is a deal-breaker for some, stripping down is a no-brainer for others. Actresses like Mary-Louise Parker and Emmy Rossum frequently go naked for their roles on their racier Showtime shows. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happy about all the scenes that come their way. Female celebrity nude scenes will always be a source of controversy and criticism. Misogyny within the industry is to blame for that, especially when considering the unequal portrayal of nudity between men and women on-screen. But what do these women think about nude scenes themselves? Here’s a roundup of popular actresses’ opinions on doing nude scenes.