Famous Men Who Claim To Have Had Sex With The Most Women

There are a lot of perks to being aĀ hot male celebrity:Ā money, fame, and obviously all of the sex. There areĀ famousĀ menĀ whoĀ sleptĀ withĀ lotsĀ of women ā€“ and “lots” might be an understatement.Ā Famous men who claim to sleep around are boasting some cosmically high figures, and you have to wonder if there’s a kernel of truth inĀ some of these wildĀ claims.Ā Ā 

SomeĀ maleĀ celebs and rock starsĀ have a relativelyĀ manageableĀ numbers in their bedpost, like the athleteĀ whose number is just over 100.Ā But there are a few super famous dudesĀ whose figureĀ isĀ in the thousands ā€“Ā a few of them are even in the tens of thousands. Like, bro, whatā€™s that life like? How can you get anything elseĀ done?

Keep reading to find which male celebrities claim to haveĀ had sex with the most women.