Fascinating Photos Of What Dog Breeds Looked Like 100 Years Ago Vs Today

Selective breeding means many of the breeds that are around today no longer look anything like what dogs used to look like. Since the first was domesticated someĀ 30,000 years ago, people have purposely bred certain types together in order to select for very particular traits. Over thousands of yearsĀ this has led to a huge variety in the species, with breeds differing from each other in significant ways.

This process only accelerated in the 20th century as more sophisticated methods of selective breeding were discovered, and modern medicine allowed for breeders to inspect dogs at the gene level. This means that dog breeds 100 years ago are vastly different to their contemporary counterparts. In some cases, this breeding has led to dogs that just appear different, but in others itĀ has caused severe problemsĀ to the ’ health. These images of dog breeds then and now provide clear evidence for just how breeding hurts dogs.