Female Sports with the Hottest Athletes

The female with the are definitely a matter of opinion but most men would agree that choosing between the hottest and the they play is a good conundrum to have. From to speed skating, these ladies are both atop their respective and sexy enough to grace the pages of men’s magazines around the globe.

Some female sports lend themselves to sexy competitors simply from how the athletes are dressed to play the different sports. Tennis shows off the toned legs of its , as does other sports featuring skimpy outfits like figure skating and gymnastics. But that’s just a tease compared to the bikinis worn by athletes playing beach volleyball and hot women competing in professional surfing. Some sports, such as soccer, boast a whole bunch of sexy competitors with the sexiest female soccer leading the pack of the hottest athletes around.

For other sports, the sexy athletes appear when the ladies take a break from their sweaty sports and pose for the camera. Softball, snowboarding, auto racing and ice are such sports that feature beautiful women hidden below layers of uniforms and protective gear. Make no mistake though, these women clean up well.

Each of these sports feature gorgeous athletes at the peak level of fitness who make a living playing professional sports and otherwise looking beautiful. Which sport has the sexiest female athletes? You decide rankers by voting for your favorite female sport or adding on we missed below.

Track & Field

Freestyle Aerobics


Pole Vault




Roller Skating

Kickboxing / Muay Thai

Uneven Bars

Sport Aerobics

High Jump



Long Jump



Beach Run

Balance Beam

Step Aerobic

Paddle Surfing



Water Pole Dancing



Skate Boarding

Parallel Bars


Wheel Gymnastics

Ninja Warrior

Inline Speedskating