There Are Fewer Than 100 Of These Animals Left In The Entire World

Imagine being one of just 100 humans left on the planet. While it seems like something out of a disaster movie (the CW’s The 100 comes to mind), it’s actually a reality for a number of exceedingly rare animals. These critically endangered species are under constant threat. While with very small populations like the red-crested tree rat have miraculously appeared after centuries of presumed extinction, other species aren’t so lucky. The case of the White Rhino begs the question “how do you bring back a species with just one elderly male in existence?” and the Seychelles sheath-tailed bat is losing a difficult battle against nature.

These 12 animals are among the rarest in the world – less than 100 of them exist in the wild. Although conservation efforts are being made to save these species, will it be enough?