Fun Photos of Celebrities Modeling Before They Were Famous

The only thing better than celebrity modeling photos, which are inherently awkward because it’s seeing a celebrity in an unfamiliar situation, is modeling pictures of celebrities when they were young. That’s an entire extra layer of awkward. Seeing people that went on to be enrmous movie stars posing in weirdly lit rooms modeling with the explicit purpose of selling a sweatshirt is just a little strange. These pictures of celebrities before they were famous are often a harrowing look at their lives before fame. If you’ve ever wondered about the lives of some of your favorite celebrities before they were famous, these funny modeling photos will give you a better idea.

So take a look at these pics of these celebrities before fame rocking all kinds of weird shirts and hats. Maybe you’ll think twice about saying all of their success was unearned. If they had to take these pictures at some point in their lives, they earned it.

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